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Access Elevator Assists Seniors in New York State with Home Accessibility Solutions Including Stairlifts


Buffalo, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/29/2019 --Access Elevator, with locations in Buffalo, Jamestown, Rochester and Syracuse, is looking to provide home accessibility solutions to the increasing aging population in New York State. As the population ages, and the number of individuals with mobility impairments continues to grow, strain is expected to be placed upon qualified housing. One way to ease demand is to modify current households with devices such as stairlifts allowing seniors to stay in their homes longer.

The number of senior residents 65 and older in New York is more than the population of 21 other states combined. The percentage of New York residents that are 65 and older is 16% of the total state's population. If all of these seniors needed to look for new housing in the next five years to accommodate mobility issues, many of them would be left with no place to live. Therefore, current housing with adjustments such as adding home elevators, wheelchair lifts, and stairlifts will have to be made.

This sudden increase in the senior population has increased by 26%, or 647,000, in just the past decade. This huge population growth comes at a time when New York's overall population grew at a conservative 3%. The highest growths have been in Saratoga County (55% growth), Orange County (40% growth) and Duchess County (36% growth). The overall growth of seniors is outpacing total population growth for the top 20 cities including Rochester and Syracuse. Some counties even have a larger senior population than other groups including Ulster and Sullivan Counties whose seniors make up 19% of the total population. For Erie, Nassau, Niagara and Saratoga Counties the senior population is 18%.

Obviously, New York State has a problem on its hands in the immediate future when it comes to providing acceptable housing for the growing population of seniors. Moving seniors into assisted living would put a strain on both the seniors' and the states' budget.

Instead, modifying existing housing may be the answer. A stairlift for example can be installed in a multitude of different applications including curved staircases, straight staircases and even outdoors. Stairlifts have many different features for safety and convenience. For example, stairlifts can be remotely called between levels where two users may live. Also, a stairlift is installed using the stairs as the support structure making it an ideal solution for New York's older homes. Most importantly, a stairlift or other home accessibility solution such as a home elevator or wheelchair lift will also seniors to stay in their current home longer, solving the issue of a lack of affordable, qualified housing in New York.

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