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Access Elevator Installs Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh and Rochester Homes to Wipe out Mobility Issues

Homeowners with family members with mobility issues no longer need to feel low. They can live independently all thanks to Access Elevators.


Buffalo, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/21/2017 --There is this one company that has addressed the problem of homeowners who have family members with mobility restrictions. Access Elevator and Lift is a premier company offering the best solution for them. They are the masters in providing mobility solutions and are rightfully counted among the most trusted providers of accessibility equipment and residential elevators. They have made life and living more accessible for thousands of Americans since 1969. Mobility restrictions are common as one age and as that happens, one is often left restricted in one's home. Taking the stairs especially becomes a hassle and one often has to consider shifting to assisted living facilities. Access Elevators and Lift suggests installing stair lifts in Pittsburgh and Rochester instead. Installing stair lifts is not going to be only cost-effective, but it will also help in adding value to one's property in the long run.

Access Elevator and Lift offers a complete line of robust standard stair lifts including the compact and easy to use Stannah Sienna to the luxurious Stannah Starla. The best thing about working with Access Elevator & Lift is that they not only provide the choices in the lift but also see the installation of the same. They have highly skilled and trained staff who can provide one with the assessment regarding one's specific needs.

As a stair lift installer, Access Elevator and Lift, can handle installation of both curved and straight stair lifts in Pittsburgh and Morgantown West Virginia. They can install the stair lifts on every stairway shape, size, and angle. The stair lifts can carry them in a straight line or around the corners and also up multiple flights on any side of the staircase. With a stair lift installation, all the floors of the house become readily available to the homeowner. Stair lifts give one the confidence of going to the upper floors with ease and safety.

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Access Elevator is a good choice when it comes to installing stair lifts in Pittsburgh and Rochester, wheelchair lifts or home elevators in and around Buffalo, Syracuse New York, Pittsburgh and more.