Access Elevator (WI)

Access Elevator Is a Leading Provider of Wheelchair Lifts for Residential and Commercial Applications


Cudahy, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/03/2021 --Access Elevator, the regional leader in accessibility products, is pleased to offer a number of wheelchair lifts for the Milwaukee and Appleton residential markets. Wheelchair lifts augment a home to allow those who have difficulty navigating stairs a way to safely access their home and property.

Wheelchair lifts can provide a number of important benefits, including increased independence and enhanced self-confidence. Some models come with a variety of safety features, and they take up less space than a ramp. Wheelchair lifts can be the perfect solution when there is no space for a ramp as well. Wheelchair lift installations can provide more secure footing and reduced fatigue for elderly individuals.

There are plenty of commercial applications for wheelchair lifts. Very often we see buildings that either retrofit a ramp or they plan the ramp into the construction. These are all fine, but sometimes space concerns dictate another option, and a wheelchair lift is a perfect solution.

Whether you end up with an enclosed wheelchair lift or an unenclosed variety, it will look like it has always been there. Once installed, you will wonder why you didn't have this done a long time ago, and you'll receive a lot of compliments from people grateful that you cared about them.

Access Elevator knows that independence and mobility are important aspects of living in your own home. By providing and installing porch lifts, Access Elevator seeks to give easy access no matter what your unique requirements are. They also feature a number of wheelchair vans to enhance freedom and accessibility.

About Access Elevator
Access Elevator seeks to improve the lives of physically challenged people by offering a wide range of products that promote mobility and independence. Access Elevator has multiple wheelchair lift options that can be tailored to fit the individual's unique requirements. Visit to learn more about quality wheelchair lift solutions in Milwaukee, Appleton, and surrounding areas.