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Access Elevator Looks to Provide More Home Elevator Options with the Stiltz Home Elevator


Buffalo, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/26/2019 --Access Elevator, with locations in Buffalo, Jamestown, Rochester, Syracuse, and Pittsburgh, is looking to bring more awareness to the benefits of Stiltz Home Elevators. As home elevators are becoming more and more popular, consumers have more power in selecting the model with the features they want. Stiltz Home Elevators are unique in design and affordability along with unique capabilities that offer more options in functionality so people can stay in their homes longer.

Very few homes are built with the pre-design of future elevator installation. The lack of available space or structural integrity has unfortunately put elevators out of reach for many people that desperately need them to remain in their homes. Add this to the fact that people are living longer and a growing lack of affordable housing for seniors, moving houses may not be an option. Luckily, Stiltz Home Elevators from Access Elevator fills this void by offering a new choice in elevators to homeowners.

The twin posts of the Stiltz Home Elevators offer many advantages. The minimal footprint space gives the elevator amazing stability and can be installed in an area previously used by an internal closet or a stairway void and provide access to a convenient location like a bedroom. The twin posts also mean a quicker installation and a cutdown on extended construction time that might include excess dust, noise and disruption.

One of the quickest elevators available at 36 feet per minute means Stiltz Home Elevators can let people with mobility issues get up and down quickly. Occupants will need to apply constant pressure to the controls inside the car while running and an emergency stop button is included if needed. Remotes allow users to send heavy items between floors without being inside the elevator to transport luggage, boxes, linens or perhaps even a pet with mobility issues.

Stiltz Home Elevators are quiet, a rare find in elevators due to the mechanism nature of moving the car. Since the motor itself is quiet, there is no need to split the motor between two areas.

Stiltz Home Elevators from Access Elevator give homeowners mobility and freedom in the comfort of their homes. With all the features and safety options, the Stiltz Home Elevators should be a contender for any homeowner looking to increase their mobility.

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