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Access Elevator Official Distributor and Installer for PVE Residential Elevators in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse


Buffalo, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/16/2019 --Access Elevator, serving Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse is an official distributor and installer for PVE residential elevators by Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, LLC., the only manufacturer of vacuum elevators.

Many homeowners may not have heard about PVE residential elevators and may have questions about how they function. The simple answer is that they work with the power of the air. The difference in atmospheric pressure above and below the car creates the ascend while the descent is powered through the use of gravity. This is also a safety feature as in the event of the power loss the car will slowly glide down to the first floor. The residential elevators do not require harmful gases, oils or lubricants. In fact, they can be considered eco-friendly, especially since they require less electricity than other models.

Another benefit is the simplicity in their installation. Without the need for pre-construction shaft, pit or machine room to operate, PVE residential elevators can be installed in as little as 2-3 days. The structure does not mean comprising style. No ramp, unsightly posts or unappealing rail systems are required. In fact, PVE residential elevators are quite sleek and stylish themselves.

The uses are endless. Access Elevator can install PVE residential elevators in a variety of homes including retrofitting existing homes or new construction projects. The elevators solve a multitude of problems as they can travel up to 5 stops or 50 feet in a total rise. This unique feature has permitted use on yachts, townhomes, roof access and more.

PVE residential elevators come in three versions so homeowners can choose what fits their house and needs. Residents may opt for a single occupant model able to lift 350 pounds. Or, the largest model that fits three people, lifts up to 525 pounds and has wheelchair capability. The panoramic design that provides 360? visibility blends into many different designer house styles. Optional color choices allow PVE residential elevators to be added to homes without changing the aesthetics quality design.

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