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Access Elevator Provides Stiltz Elevators to Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse


Buffalo, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/09/2019 --Access Elevator, with locations in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, is looking to bring more awareness to the benefits of Stiltz Elevators. A Stiltz Elevator can be a practical and attractive option for any home with residents that are constrained by mobility issues. Any homeowner that is interested in learning about home elevators should look to a Stiltz Elevator to learn about the benefits. The unique capabilities offer options in functionality in terms of look, location requirements and more so seniors and other home residents with mobility issues can stay in their homes longer.

A Stiltz Elevator can be a practical and attractive alternative to other home mobility assistant devices such as stair lifts or wheelchair lifts. Stiltz Home Elevators are free-standing and do not require the use of supporting or load-bearing walls.

A quick 30-second ride can take residents from their first floor, garage or entry to a second floor. And, an extra benefit is that the Stiltz Elevator can also help move other items that would be a hazard to transport up and downstairs. Stiltz Elevators have made many seniors' lives easier and safer by helping to move laundry, luggage, and even the family pet.

The residential elevators are powered by a self-contained motor and run from a 220v outlet or a 110v outlet with a simple step-up transformer. Safety features include staying mobile during power outages, height, weight and out of balance sensors, and an emergency stop button. A Stiltz Elevator can be turned off by users and a security lid fills the top hole when the elevator is at the bottom position. The doors automatically lock when the elevator is in use and will not open again until the elevator comes to a full stop.

The various models available allow customers to choose what works for them, their needs and their lifestyle. Some models start at 7 square feet while other larger models take up more floor space to allow entry and exit on both sides for convenience and to ease wheelchair use. Larger models can also lift up to 500 pounds with space for multiple occupants.

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A leading provider of accessibility solutions, Access Elevator furnishes and installs custom elevators, hybrid wheelchair lifts, unenclosed wheelchair lifts, and stairway lifts for both commercial and residential applications to customers throughout Jamestown, Erie, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo. The Access Elevator team installs hundreds of customized stairway lifts and elevators a year. To learn more about Access Elevator, please visit