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Access Elevator Provides Straight Stair Lifts to Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse


Buffalo, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/30/2019 --Access Elevator, with locations in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and more, wants homeowners to know about the easy installation and other benefits of straight stair lifts.

Straight stair lifts are often seen on TV advertisements or in magazines, but homeowners may not know how accessible and beneficial they are. Straight stairlifts not only are extremely easy to install, they greatly add to the well-being of residents.

Falls are the number one injury of seniors. Balance, coordination and muscle strength can all be compromised as one gets older. Additional hazards are when carrying objects, and not being able to see where stepping or in low-light environments. Straight stair lifts can take away many of the hazards that could result in falls while also helping to transport items such as laundry or pets.

Residents are encouraged to take advantage of Access Elevator's free estimates to learn about the affordability of straight stair lifts. The price of installing a straight stair lift is often mentioned as one of the reasons homeowners don't inquire into acquiring one. However, straight stair lifts are not only affordable, they are very easy to install when done professionally. A straight stair lift can often be installed in a just a matter of a few days. As mobility can change suddenly, Access Elevator understands that stairlifts may need to be installed while a homeowner is still in recovery or rehabilitation so they will be able to move around their house as soon as they get home. Installation does not require load bearing or outside walls. In fact, walls are never touched during the installation of a straight stair lift. Instead, the lift is installed directly onto the stair risers.

Straight stairlifts come in many different options, even outdoor models. Mobility throughout a house, including attic, basements, second floors, and outside the house can all be possible with a straight stairlift from Access Elevator.

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A leading provider of accessibility solutions, Access Elevator furnishes and installs custom elevators, hybrid wheelchair lifts, unenclosed wheelchair lifts, and stairway lifts for both commercial and residential applications to customers throughout Jamestown, Erie, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo. The Access Elevator team installs hundreds of customized stairway lifts and elevators a year. To learn more about Access Elevator, please visit