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Acorn and Stannah Stairlifts Differ in Design, Quality, and Style


Buffalo, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/31/2020 --Stannah stairlifts and Acorn stairlifts differ greatly in various aspects including design, quality, and style. When it comes to Acorn vs. Stannah, Access Elevator believes Stannah surpasses its competitors substantially.

Finding the right stairlift can be a challenging process. With various brands and styles available, it's hard for buyers to make the right choice when purchasing stairlifts for their needs. Here are some differences between Stannah and Acorn stairlifts.

- Design

Acorn stair lifts have minimal additional safety monitors or shut-off switches. On the other hand, Stannah stairlifts are built with safety at the forefront of design with armrest controls, safety slowdown around bends, and powered seating.

- Quality

Acorn stairlifts are made in China, and it has been said that sales tactics are, at times, more aggressive when presenting their stairlift technology. With less than 20 years of experience, Acorn pales in comparison to Stannah, who has 150 years of experience and 10-year warranties on their lifts, while Acorn only provides a 12-month warranty.

- Style

Acorn stairlifts come in the same colors and materials for a generally cookie-cutter and bulky look, with one-size-fits-all rail constructions. On the contrary, Stannah is available in a vast range of styles, colors, and finishes for a customized look that's fitted to specific stair requirements.

Comparing Stannah lifts and Acorn lifts is like comparing night and day. Based on Access Elevator's experience and customer feedback, Stannah outshines Acorn in nearly all aspects of design and functionality. For individuals looking for the right stairlift for their needs, Stannah is the correct choice!

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