Active8: Music for Two, Fitness for You - Slap It On

8Positive Announces the Launch of Active8


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/26/2016 --8Positive is excited to announce the launch of Active8 that combines three products – a sleep quality monitoring system, an automatic activity tracker, and a Bluetooth® enabled music player with simultaneous playback capability to two Bluetooth headsets – into one small, light-weight and flexible slap-on wearable wrist band. Active8 is available for pre-order through Kickstarter (, starting only at $99.

This is a great opportunity for people to pre-order Active8 in order to be one of the first ones to slap Active8 on their wrist.

"Active8 is the future of wearable technology and fashion." says 8Positive Industrial designer, Rick Yan. With its unique and revolutionary slap-on design, Active8 is the easiest and quickest to wear wristband in the world. "Wears in the blink of an eye and fits everyone perfectly."

8Positive team has recently managed to dramatically reduce the width and thickness of Active8 through numerous design improvements. Active8 is now thinner than the iPad Air®. And for all the fashionable people, Active8 comes in three exclusive colors – Pearl White, Onyx Gray, and Ruby Red – plus an extra color that will get voted on Kickstarter (

"We have developed a revolutionary feature for Active8 which we call Buddy Sync" says 8positve Founder and CEO, Arya A. Ardakani. "The Buddy Sync feature can be used to pair two Bluetooth headphones to the same Active8. That way you and your partner can stay synchronized by listening to the same music during your exercise routines." So the user is able to enjoy the music wire-free directly from Active8 independent of their phone.

Active8 automatically tracks the users daily activities and sleep pattern. The user can simply sync Active8's data, which is stored inside its 4GB of memory, with Active8's App which allows them to track their step and calorie counts as well as visualize their sleep pattern.

Active8 is a great product to use in conjunction with any activity such as5K runs, CrossFit training, and intense exercises, which carrying a phone is not desirable. Most electronics are not water resistant, however, Active8's durable design is resistant to dust, sand, sweat, and rain.

So the user can wear Active8 for any possible activity without worrying about getting it dirty or damaging the electronics and are able to rinse it with water afterwards.

8Positive is also giving away a pair of complementary Bluetooth headphones to their Kickstarter backers. Their headphones can stay paired with two devices at once – for example, a phone and an Active8.

So Active8 benefits and features include:
- Bluetooth Music Player: Enjoy the music wire-free directly from Active8.
- Music for two: Share a music on two wireless headphones using Active8's "BuddySync" feature.
- Automatic Activity Tracker: Track number of steps, calories burned, and total active minutes.
- Sleep Monitoring System: Monitor sleep quality and pattern.
- Quickest & Perfect Fit: Slap-on design makes it the quickest to wear and most comfortable wrist band in the world.
- Durable & Water Resistance: Durable design is resistant to dust, sand, sweat, and rein.
- 4GB Storage: Carry important files such as spreadsheets and PDFs on the wrist securely and privately.
- Wireless Headphones Included: Headphones can stay paired with two devices at once.

About 8Positive
8Positive is a team of experienced engineers, founded by Arya A. Ardakani. The team members are all graduated from top twenty universities in the United States and collectively have more than sixty years of experience in the technology industry. 8Positive believes nothing should come between a consumer and their goals and in order for consumers to reach their goals a positive mindset and body is required. The Active8 is only the first step towards a line of products focused on getting people fitness results and developing a positive active lifestyle.

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