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Adam Wilber Steps Back from the Drawing Board - Onto the Stage

Ellusionist GM and Creator of Tricks Such As PYRO Announces Availability


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/10/2017 --Magic and mentalism (mind reading) shows are popular across the United States, delighting audiences with seemingly impossible feats. Adam Wilber is the man behind many of the most popular tricks today—and now the Boston-based magician has announced his availability for bookings across the United States.

"You could call me the 'magic trick creator', and since I was 6, that's been my passion," said Wilber today. "Magic is my passion, and I love the creativity and imagination that goes into a trick that leaves the audience speechless, entertained and asking the simple question: but how did he do that? While I've had spots on Good Morning America, the Discovery Channel, and NBC, I prefer to be in front of real people, performing unique shows with my magic."

This is not Wilber's first time in the spotlight. The inventor, responsible for some of the most popular magic tricks ever, enjoyed global exposure in 2014 when one of his tricks, PYRO, went viral.

As seen in this official trailer on YouTube, his trick PYRO lets people shoot fireballs from their open palm with multiple effects. Wilber's track record in creating spectacular tricks is second to none—and now audiences around America can see the master perform with their very own eyes.

Wilber is now available for bookings at corporate and private events showcasing his own magic and mind reading tricks. To find out more, or book Wilber for your next event, please visit For media inquiries, please contact Adam Wilber at 1-802-578-6633, or email at

About Adam Wilber
Boston magician and mentalist Adam Wilber is one of America's most creative magicians. As GM of, the most successful magic store of all time and creator of PYRO and other magic tricks, millions have seen his tricks in action through other magicians. Now, Wilber has stepped back from creating magic to performing it along with his mind-reading show at both corporate and private events. For more information, please visit Adam Wilber's website.


Adam Wilber