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Adoba Ecotel + Suites Brand Zags in the Green Space


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/08/2014 --Since its birth on Earth Day four years ago, adoba® ecotel + suites, a recognized LEED chapter member in multiple states, has been interested in working toward a happier planet. And while others in the lodging space are attempting that mission at the expense of guests, adoba’s new brand positioning work asks the question, “Does a happier planet start with happier people?”

Adrienne Pumphrey, Global Head of adoba® ecotel + suites thinks the answer to the questions is, yes.

“We talk about being environmental, or green experts. But if we’re really experts, why would we have to ask people to use less water, squint through compact fluorescent lighting and live with used towels and sheets? Our expertise should allow us to help the planet while letting our guests be comfortable.”

At their second hotel, the 773 guestroom adoba® hotel Dearborn/Detroit, sustainability includes realistic LED lighting, paperless billing and soy-based ink pens—and much more. Sustainable guestroom efforts employ a number of green practices from ceramic cups to post-consumer recycled tissues and the new “Boxed Water” program that eliminates plastic water bottles from guest rooms—all while increasing comfort and guest happiness. Food and beverage services use organic, locally grown foods, biodegradable paper products and paper-alternative cups—all of which ask guests to enjoy, not sacrifice.

These progressive eco-programs have helped to earn adoba® ecotel + suites the following impressive industry recognition since their inception just four years ago:

-4 Key rating by Green

-Travelocity Green Hotel Tag

-AAA Eco-Friendly Rating

-Sabre Eco-Certification

“We’ve figured out how to make guests happy—while providing owners and investors the very same benefit,” explains James Henderson, CEO/President of adoba ecotel brand. Each adoba offers service-centric technology providing a robust framework of connectivity for guests’ various devices. We put the spotlight on engagement and connectivity with guests to build loyalty. The brand’s technology solutions offer real-time distribution, placing each hotel on more than 250 booking shelves and a global worldwide booking platform.

As the environmental preservation climate continues to evolve, and eco-awareness grows stronger from generation to generation, so does adoba® ecotel + suites. To illustrate and affirm their commitment to eco-friendly initiatives, adoba® ecotel + suites has developed a fresh new logo, designed to capture the attention and interest of the next cohort of eco-responsible consumers, while maintaining the integrity that adoba® ecotel + suites is known for.

Along with the new logo comes the new name: adoba® ecotel + suites. As the adoba® ecotel + suites brand continues to grow, people-friendly—and thereby, eco-friendly initiatives will remain a top priority as they have in the past, and the name variation reflects this continued dedication.

About Adoba
Adoba are career-long hoteliers who've realized that a green hotel can be more comfortable to guests, more competitive among the same-old-same-old and a whole lot more profitable for owners.

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