Adopt the Ideal Working Position for Laptop Use with the Antstand


Melbourne, Victoria -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/20/2017 --An ultra-portable laptop stand that raises the screen to the ideal height, has been designed to make life easier for computer users. The Antstand is suitable for all laptops from 11 to 15 inches and will help laptop users to avoid neck and shoulder strain by positioning their laptop at eye level. Made from sustainably sourced bamboo, the Antstand is eco-friendly, super sturdy, lightweight, attractive to look at, and easy to assemble.

When using a computer, ergonomics experts recommend that the eyes are slightly higher than the height of the monitor and that the arms and elbows are slightly higher than the hands as they work at the keyboard. Many people fail to adopt the ideal working position and end up hunched over their keyboard, which results in neck and shoulder pain or other complaints.

"I worked on my laptop all round Melbourne for some time and I ended up with tennis elbow," explained Paul Ayling, Creator of Antstand. "The reason is, working directly from a laptop is pretty bad for your body. The ideal position is one where the screen is raised to eye level and you use a separate keyboard and mouse. I found that most laptop stands are bulky and not suitable for mobile working; being a proponent of critical thinking, self-reliance, and general preparedness, I decided to invent my own."

Laptops that are placed on the Antstand are positioned at the ideal height and angle. Described as being small and strong, like an ant, Antstand is made from lightweight bamboo and weighs just 209 grams. It can be flat packed to easily fit in a laptop sleeve or case.

Minimally designed to be easy to use, assembling Anstand is as easy as slotting the three pieces of wood together. When the laptop is placed on the stand, it creates a sturdy support and raises the screen eight inches (18 cms) to achieve a neutral position. The patented design locks the laptop in place to prevent it from slipping or falling. The laptop is then in position at the right level and angle for desktop use, whether the user is sitting or standing, thereby reducing the strain on the neck and shoulders.

The Antstand has been launched on Kickstarter. Those interested in getting hold of one can find out more or discover the rewards available using the following link: