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Advanced Air Service Group Excels in Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Philadelphia and Springfield, Pennsylvania

When it comes to kitchen hood cleaning, Philadelphia and Springfield, Pennsylvania, Advanced Air Service Group is the right place to get in touch with.


Aston, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/17/2021 --Kitchen hoods come in many shapes and sizes, and they all have a few things in common. All range hoods will accumulate high-fat steam. Depending on the type of cooking equipment used during cooking, the requirements specified in the NFPA 96 regulations and standards are regularly removed each year.

Some hoods are very long and contain many grease filters. Some hoods are very small, with only a few grease filters. Some kitchen hoods are called self-cleaning kitchen hoods. Many homeowners don't like these hoods because they don't want to remove all the grease on their own. Moreover, it is excruciating to clean them properly.

Advanced Air Services Group has been associated with commercial kitchen hood cleaning in Philadelphia and Springfield, Pennsylvania, for over ten years. They not only provide their customers with cleaning equipment, but they also provide safe facilities. Compared to annual fire protection inspections, there are many reasons why kitchen hoods are cleaned more frequently. These range from health issues, environmental damage, business loss, damage to company reputation to various health issues, cost estimates, and more. Contact them now or request a commercial quote from Swarthmore, Westchester, Philadelphia, Springfield, Aston, PA, and Wilmington, DE.

Some kitchen hoods are made of stainless steel, while some use galvanized metal. The air duct of some systems is heavily loaded, requiring several panels to be opened for installation, and must be cleaned each time it is cleaned, while the duct of some systems is straight.

No two systems are exactly alike, and they require special skills to know what to do in different situations to clean these systems properly. Just because someone has a certification label does not mean they know what they are doing; the truth is that it takes experience to know how to handle all the different situations in hood cleaning. Advanced Air Service Group is licensed and certified to handle such a job with ease and authority.

In addition to kitchen hood cleaning, the company also specializes in HVAC duct cleaning in Aston and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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