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Advances of Daily Living Answers the Need for Installing a Stairlift in Blacksburg and Danville, Virginia

All those senior members in the family who are not able to take the stairs anymore due to weak knees can consider installing a stairlift in their house so that the problem is solved.


Roanoke, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/28/2020 --Many times senior members living alone can face trouble with taking the stairs. It is not easy for them to access the upper levels of the house due to their poor health and weak legs. That often forces a good number of senior adults to consider moving out of the house. That is not what everyone wants to do. Senior members loo forward to retire in their own home. At this age, moving from their known surroundings is a financial burden and also affects them emotionally. At the same time merely because of not being able to take the stairs is not an acceptable idea for moving house. Companies like Advances of Daily Living has made it easier for senior adults to continue staying in their abode. The solution comes in the form of stairlifts. The company is a well-known provider of stairlifts in Blacksburg and Danville, Virginia.

Installing a stairlift is not a big deal. Advances of Daily Living has a good track record for installing stairlifts in many houses. The installation process is hassle-free as the professional installers themselves handle most of the tasks. The technician visits the house for a free consultation. They can actually look at the stairs, take measurements, and then make recommendations of the manufacturers that make stairlifts that can accommodate the staircase. Advances for Daily Living has options to provide for all issues.

Private Health Insurance Carriers or Medicare covers many of the items provided by Advances of Daily Living. Some items may need a prescription.

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Advances of Daily Living is a renowned company offering stairlift in Blacksburg and Danville, Virginia. They can also be approached for installing platform lifts.