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Advances of Daily Living Helps with Installing Curved Stairlifts in Lynchburg and Salem, Virginia

Homeowners with curved stairlifts don’t have to back out from having a stairlift installed. Advances of Daily Living can help install straight and curved stairlifts in Lynchburg and Salem, Virginia.


Roanoke, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2021 --The inability to freely move around the house and especially access the upper floors of one's house comes with old age. As one age, aching knees and weak joints come as a parcel of the same. Taking the stairs more than once a day seems like a real ordeal. Things are worse for those who, apart from being old, is also overweight. For them, going up and coming down the stairs becomes challenging with every passing day. To top it is the fear of missing a stair and coming down rolling. That is why homeowners need to think of an alternative. Moving out is always not an option for everyone. That is where one needs to consider installing a stairlift. ADL- Advances of Daily Living can help in this regard. They are a trusted company for installing a stairlift in Danville and Lynchburg, Virginia.

The professional installers from ADL know that homeowners need to be convinced and guided when making such a significant change to their homes. Installing a stairlift is a way to make them live their life independently and safely. One does not have to give up on the freedom to move around their place and start living downstairs because they cannot take the stairs confidently. That does not need to happen. With a simple stairlift installation, homeowners can take away the need to take the stairs right out of their life. They no longer have to take the stairs but sit comfortably on the stairlift and let the lift do the rest. A stairlift is an entirely safe option, and Advances of Daily Living offers a good number of models to suit the needs and budget of every homeowner.

They offer a free, no-obligation home consultation before they carry out the installation. All queries are being answered to ensure one complete peace of mind. Apart from straight stairlifts, they can also help with installing curved stairlifts in Lynchburg and Salem, Virginia, wheelchair lifts and platform lifts. The company also offers stairlift service and rentals.

Get in touch with them at 540-353-5869 for more details.

About ADL- Advances of Daily Living
ADL- Advances of Daily Living offers a wide range of choices when it comes to stairlifts. They offer both straight and curved stairlifts and wheelchair lifts, and platform lifts in Danville, Lynchburg and Salem, Virginia, and surrounding areas.