NT750 Barramundi Fishing Tournament

Adventuresome Anglers Sought Worldwide for Australia's Challenging NT750 Barramundi Fishing Tournament

The world’s largest, most dangerous, trailer boat Barramundi competitions announced with monumental first prize winnings up for grabs.


Darwin, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/25/2018 --Fearless anglers, unite! Registration set to launch on September 26th for the largest scale, most intimidating, fishing tournament Australia has ever seen. Beginning on May 4th, the NT750 Barramundi Tournament will hold court to 1,500 competing teams in the Northern Territory of Australia's Darwin Harbour. The nine-day round robin "knockout" will pit pro and amateur Australian competitors against the best anglers from around the world. The question is, who will best navigate strong currents, venomous jellyfish and snakes, crocodiles, and lightning storms to win the $750,000 first prize?

Every trailer boat's team is composed of one skipper and three fishers age 18 or over. The entry fee is $2,600 per team. The synonymous fighting fish may be caught via rod and reel, hand reel, bait, and lure.

Cash Prize Pool

$750,000 First Place
$50,000 Runner Up 
$10,000 to each team that finishes 3rd - 7th

Largest Barramundi all Tournament:

$50,000 all female team 
$50,000 all tournament  

Organized by DX Industries, in addition to extensive international media exposure, the tournament is set to give Darwin an approximated $16,000,000+ economic boost. The catch and release tournament will also support sustainable fishing education and practices.

For more information visit http://www.NT750.com.

About NT750
NT750 is a nine-day Barramundi Fishing Tournament held on Australia's Timor Sea.

About DX Industries
DX Industries is an award-winning project and event management service.

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