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Advertising Display Equipment Factory Visit


Zhuhai, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/03/2017 --ODM, a leading marketing company for promotional products has recently ventured into manufacturing and design of advertising equipment. This recent endeavor has been triggered by building of strong relationships with a company in the city of Guangzhou.

ODM Group have begun the manufacturing process for an entire new range of advertising display equipment for an array of retailers. Their recent partner company in Guangzhou specializes in acrylic and plastic signage with metal framings. They also are market leaders in producing advertising signage with build in LED screens. This innovative marketing technique has astonished retailers who have been applying them to their campaign.

When producing such important equipment for the industry, retaining high standards is imperative. ODM recently went on a factory visit to their partner company recently to ensure that the products where as premium as they expected. Father, to truly market a product you must completely understand its inception. ODM will take us through the production process of their class leading advertising equipment.

The factory makes many different kinds of advertising equipment as we can see from their showroom. They include different custom sizes of advertising boards with both acrylic and metal framings. They also make fabric printed advertising sheets and a variation of LED signage, screens and multi-screen display set ups.

The factory makes all of the components for their equipment and much of the manufacturing process is done by hand to give a genuine custom made authenticity to their products. Only some of the LED screen components are outsourced but even then they are hand assembled to ensure premium quality. The metal frames are made and cut into the ideal shape for the signs.

The plastic is then molded and cut into the required custom shape and then the desired print or logo is applied by hand operated printing presses.

The LED screens are quality check and tested before the last stages of production. Finally, all components are brought together and assembled by hand.

The ODM group proposed using their advertising display equipment because of the following manufacturing and marketing flexibility that it offers:

- Simple to mould and shape with quick overall manufacture time
- Does not age badly and retains longevity in functionality
- Eye-catching and bright to grab consumers attention
- Completely customizable and can be manufactured in almost any design and colour
- LED custom lightbox's are innovative and give you edge in the market

A team of experts from The ODM group paid a visit to the company in Guangzhou where the advertising display equipment is manufactured in various formats to work well with different shop fittings. Given the precise engineering required, it was a critical visit for the factory. After the visit, The ODM group is highly confident with the factories ability to meet the required standards. The first visit is important for establishing a long-term business partnership, however regular and long term quality control will be required on all orders to maintain great standards.

Dasha Krylova explained, "It is great to see these great products in production after months of planning. It's always great to visit our factory, review the productions techniques, and see the first samples coming off the production line to build a strong understanding of our company and its processes."

Visiting factories is an essential part of keeping business relations strong and maintaining a streamline process from when an order is made right up until the point of delivery. Clarity in process helps provide a great understanding for all parties involved.

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