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Aeris Indoor Environmental Services Launches New Indoor Air Quality Testing Website


Coral Spring, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/29/2020 --With the launch of its new mobile-friendly website, Aeris Indoor Environmental Services has entered a new era of customer connection. Broward County residents will quickly be able to find the online information they need to address their indoor air quality concerns.

Switching to a mobile-friendly format means that Aeris realizes the changing needs of its customers. When people are looking for assistance, they are more likely to grab a smartphone than sit down at a desktop computer. The equipment Aeris uses is cutting-edge environmental assessment technology, and they understand that their website should reflect the latest in communications technology. As owner Jesse Alban puts it, "We want our customers to connect to us quickly so we can help them clear the air as soon as possible."

Aeris specializes in testing the indoor air quality of Florida homes. When people think about their home's environment, they often think about maintaining the right temperature. However, poor air quality comes from numerous other factors then can lead to health issues such as allergy symptoms, respiratory problems and general fatigue. By working with a professional environmental consulting company, homeowners can discover what sort of impurities are in their indoor air and how they can address them.

In the heat and humidity of cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs and West Palm Beach, household mold is a serious problem that can quickly grow out of control. Mold testing by Aeris will help determine the size and scope of a mold infestation. Aeris technicians will examine every part of the home looking for signs of excess moisture and water damage as well as taking temperature and humidity readings throughout the building. They will also analyze mold samples to determine the level of mold spores. Homeowners can use the Aeris report as they seek help in remediating the mold problem and assisting them with homeowner insurance claims.

Another common air quality issue is the presence of asbestos building materials. This is especially important when looking to do a remodeling project. While asbestos materials are generally not a problem when they are undisturbed, demolition can lead to the release of asbestos fibers and cause long-term respiratory issues if they get in the air. Aeris' asbestos testing service helps builders find potential asbestos problems before they begin a major renovation.

As an indoor air specialist, Aeris can check for compounds and particulates that might affect a home or business's air quality. Whether the issue is biological or chemical, their technicians will identify the problem, assess the current level of danger and create a report offering the steps necessary for resolution.

Aeris Indoor Environmental Services is dedicated to helping Florida residents and businesses breathe easier. They offer extensive testing services that will diagnose most air quality problems. Their customers rave about the company's professional attitude and high level of service that have earned them a five-star level of customer satisfaction.

For information about Aeris and their indoor air quality services, check out their new website, reach out by email at or call their Coral Springs, FL office at 954-906-8046.