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Aerotek Announces Collaboration with Fort Lauderdale's Aerotekfilms


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/23/2017 --Aerotek, based in Fort Lauderdale, FL recently made an agreement with Aerotekfilms, a film production company focusing on TV commercials, corporate videos and documentaries. Aerotek, which boasts an impressive portfolio of TV commercials, corporate videos and documentaries created by well-known directors and producers, is also known for providing high caliber location, production, and support services, as well as 3D animation services, and music productions, at competitive industry rates. Although new to the industry, Aerotek's team consists of experienced professionals, including directors, producers, and 3D artists.

Mrs. Monazitta, Business Director of Aerotek Films Indonesia, has shared that she is "very receptive to the concept of international collaborations", and prioritizes offering a wide variety of locations services for the various film industry-related productions that are developed within the company's network.

Said Mrs. Mona, "We are moving towards a wireless and borderless world, and we are doing so by creating an exclusive, international working group. Our expert staff offers borderless location services within our network. We are confident that, owing to our services' impeccable quality, and competitive cost, our company will soon become a major industry player – particularly in the fields of TV commercials, documentaries, and film."

The company's commercial film directors have broad-ranging international experience in shooting beauty, fashion, and food industry commercials, as well as in undertaking corporate film productions. Intent on making use of the new, borderless world of communications and information technology, the company's primary focus is on TV commercial and film documentary productions.

Speaking of the subject, Mrs. Mona said that, "Although our focus is primarily on TV commercial, corporate film, and documentary film production, we count our production support and location services among our major strengths, too. We discuss our client's projects thoroughly, and, going over their desired equipment and location parameters, we come up with various, competitively-priced offers, either involving open-air, indoor, or studio-based productions."

With over 20 years of experience in the film industry, working as a business director and executive producer, Mrs. Mona is confident that "Aerotek is soon to become one of the best network and film production companies in Indonesia, as we believe that our services' quality to price ratio is exceptionally high."

What's more, Mrs. Mona has shared that he believes that this newly-established collaboration between Aerotek and Aerotekfilms perfectly aligns with the company's mission to foster relations with international companies. At the same time, the company aims to increase its sales performance through internet and social media marketing, placing emphasis on the "individual approach" as an important element of building a solid, trust-based relationship with its clients.

Concluding her statement, Mrs. Mona said that "Our clients' success is our goal. The vast majority of film video production professionals normally don't know " where and how to start". For us, it is not about making money – it's all about fulfilling our team's creative vision, encouraging their individual growth, and putting their ideas to use."

Aerotek USA's main responsibilities as a part of the Aerotek group will primarily involve bi-directional engagement with Aerotekfilms' branches in Indonesia, Canada, and Dubai, as well as promoting the company's film directors, animators, musicians and photographers within the US or abroad, all while highlighting how it US-based production company is available for shooting productions in Indonesia and the Middle East.

Aerotek Films, which is also part of the Aerotek Group, is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, and has a large partner network in Miami, USA; Dubai, UAE, as well as in Toronto, Canada, which assists the company's sales and marketing departments with its handling of various film productions.

About Aerotek Films
Aerotek Films, a part of the Aerotek Aviation Group, is a leader in the professional TV commercial, corporate and documentary film industry, providing innovative, high-impact solutions for performance improvement. With an elite staff of film and TVC directors, DOP, and 3D animation artists, musician and photographers, that boast a combined experience of over 30 years, its team delivers high-quality films, TV commercials, 3D Animation, and photography services, as well as a host of other industry-related creative services. Aerotek Films is committed to delivering quality work, and strives for excellence in each area it is active in. The quality of the company's work is reflected in its portfolio, which includes its directors' demo reels, 3D animation work, landscape photography, and examples of projects for which it has offered production assistance and/or location services.