Affair Recovery Not Impossible - Despite What You May Think - According to Relationship and Marriage Counseling Experts from Langley, BC

Amid new study that links social media use to infidelity and divorce, and growing global interest in “affair” websites, BestMarriages prove through their couples workshops and marriage counselling in Langley, BC that calling it quits is not the only option left for a troubled relationship.


Langley, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/17/2014 --Many couples feel that affair recovery is not a possibility and that when a partner cheats, the relationship is over. What may be surprising to many is that infidelity is much more common than people often suspect, and technology may be to blame. Regardless of the causes the experts at say that though coping with infidelity isn’t easy, divorce or a break-up isn’t the only option – and often, it’s not even the best option.

The University of Missouri published a study that found active use of the social network Twitter led to more conflict between partners. The study concluded that this increase in conflict could likely lead to cheating and possibly divorce. A similar study in 2013 also found that excessive use of Facebook was detrimental to romantic relationships. Add to this the growing global popularity of “affairs websites” like Ashley Madison (who just launched in South Korea and gained 1 million members in Japan) and it seems as your relationship is doomed from the get-go.

But Darren Wilk, a Gottman-certified relationship expert, says that is not the case at all. “Relationships are not doomed from the start and affairs don’t have to happen. It just takes work and an open mind – a willingness to work with each other.” And Wilk would know. He is a partner at – a marriage counseling company in Langley, BC – and has helped hundreds of couples overcome their relationship issues and even recover from cases of infidelity.

“People often think that an affair is the end of the line. Once that happens, there’s a feeling that things are no longer repairable. In reality, there’s nothing that could be further from the truth,” says Wilk. “The first step is definitely seeking help. Marriage or relationship counseling is a great place to work through your issues in private and move passed them in a productive way.”

Wilk also says that although it may be easier to have an affair with things like social media and affairs websites, the root causes of infidelity are almost always the same. Working on these core issues can help save or repair almost any relationship.

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