AFitLab Creates a Multi-Purpose Crossbody Slingbag Supporting Travelers as They Sleep on-the-Go


Colorado City, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/16/2018 --For travelers, being able to "have your cake and eat it too" is being able to hold all your belongings in one secure spot while also sleeping comfortably in transit. Nothing brings greater joy than finding that all-in-one, multipurpose luggage solution that doubles as a charger and triples as a tent. Cue the aptly named "Travist", designed by AFitLab to support safe travel and easy sleeping. If this crossbody sling bag sounds familiar, like it could be the name of your best friend, that's because its user-friendly design is poised to do precisely that: Become your new travel buddy.

The playfully-named "Travist" crossbody sling bag allows travelers to master the art of the side-head-window-lean position when taking a quick nap on the next leg of their long journey in transit. Yet it is also created to hold all your most valuable possessions in a lightweight and water-resistant design that anticipates all the most important situations travelers could find themselves facing.

Consider, for example, the sleek, unobtrusive zipped hidden pocket on the front of the wide strap, made for valuables important enough that you want them to be in your line of sight at all times. Another quick-access pocket lies right below, with a concealed velcro opening for those items you'll need to constantly reach for, in a hurry, including money, loose change, identification, your phone and more. Flip the wide strap around, however, and you have a handy pillow to prop your head against and fall right into a supported sleep. Thread your headphones through the compact opening, and you've got a noise-canceling soundtrack accompanying your experience of the picturesque landscapes whizzing past you.

The innovative design of the Travist anticipates many sleep positions, including seated upright naps. Simply use the supportive strap to tuck your arm in and brace your head against the inflatable pillow, using the included quick-inflate pump, tucked away in its own compartment. For added traveler comfort, the pillow is designed by AFitLab in a blend of comfortable, cool fabrics to facilitate restful sleep.

While the squishy pillow will certainly lull travelers into a peaceful sleep, all the more supported by the fact that they're not worrying about the safety of their valuables, the sling bag's travel-friendly design choices mean that it's durable enough for any climate. Besides being water-resistant and crafted from high-quality 420D nylon, the bag's design incorporates anti-theft 2-way zippers and strengthened ribs support for the back, side and front posture.

This combination--a neck pillow and sling bag--is available to supporters of the company's Indiegogo campaign. Five hundred early backers stand to gain a whopping 43% off on the launch date. AFitLab is currently taking email signups for their waitlist so that travelers can access the multi-functional Travist bag right away.