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AFM 2018: Global Genesis Group Acquires Worldwide Distribution to the Sought After British-Vampire Feature "Remember Remember Grace and Mercy"


Henderson, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/27/2018 --Global Genesis Group (GGG) is proud to announce they will be handling worldwide distribution for the British action-adventure feature "Remember Remember Grace and Mercy" directed by Mark Hindman Smith from a script by Alex Parten and Mark Hindman-Smith.

In Remember Remember Grace and Mercy the legendary British rebel Guy Fawkes leads a dedicated team of hunters in an epic battle for survival against a vampire-infested aristocracy determined to seize the throne of 17th century England. It is a fun swashbuckling period piece that bends the vampire-hunting genre.

Director and Screenwriter Mark Hindman-Smith stated, "This is a movie made with attention to detail way beyond a standard period action adventure movie. From original costumes, props and sets, to real historic locations where Guy Fawkes was raised. Adding vampires to real historic events and making it plausible was also a great challenge, but I believe the writing and performances have such an impact that audiences will leave wondering if this really is the real story of the events leading up to the hatching of the assassination attempt against the King of England."

Producer Bob Jordan said, "In finding a company to bring Remember Remember to the big screen, we were always going to look first for fellow filmmakers who could understand the journey we have been on from the beginning. We believe Global Genesis Group will be a great asset as our Guy Fawkes moves on from his historic birthplace in York to 17th century London for his infamous meeting with destiny."

"The producers, directors and writers of Remember Remember Grace and Mercy are not just passionate and hard-working, but they are extremely creative as they drop a historical character into this fantasy world of swords, vampires and legends. Guy Fawkes, made more famous by the movie V for Vendatta, and who is a worldwide icon because of the Guy Fawkes masks that Anonymous uses, comes on screen bigger than life as he attacks the aristocracy and vampires, trumpeting social justice and killing bloodsuckers. It is an incredibly fun and ambitious movie that the filmmakers pulled off, and Global Genesis Group is proud to be a part of," said Charles Morris, Jr. VP Development & Acquisitions for GGG.

Global Genesis Group has also signed a joint venture agreement to co-produce and distribute the sequels to Remember Remember Grace and Mercy.

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