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Santa Ana, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2016 --Many individuals have a hard time knowing exactly what to do following a motor vehicle incident on the various highways and freeways in Orange County California. There are hundreds of accidents on the many highways and freeways in Orange County on a weekly basis. According to California Highway Patrol's 2013 Statewide Integrated Traffic Records (SWITRS), two fatalities and 168 injuries were reported as a result of traffic accidents in Orange County California. In Orange County as a whole, 165 people died and 13,837 were injured due to car accidents during the same year. The amount has definitely doubles in 2014, 2015. Having the right information following an accident is extremely beneficial to better an individual's success of not being just a statistic.

Handle an individual Auto Accident Properly

Making the right decisions from the beginning will help an individual net the full compensation rate for their case. Handling the accident, the right way begins far before the accident occurs. Have a disposable camera, notepad and pen, plus contact information and insurance policy facts in an emergency kit, keep in the car's glove box for use in case of a motor vehicle collision.

Furthermore, take the following steps when an accident occurs:

If possible, move the vehicle to the right side of the road to avoid oncoming traffic.

Make sure everyone has exited the vehicle safely.

Call 911 or local authorities to obtain care for injured passengers. If injured, accept aid from ambulance workers or head to the hospital for further checkup.

Make sure to trade information, names, addresses, vehicle facts and insurance information with other drivers.

Call or contact a lawyer at this point to make sure everything is legally right and the steps from this point are controlled by a professional in the field of auto accidents.

Attend a check-up or follow-up appointments with an individual general chiropractic professional.

Causes of Serious Vehicle Accidents

The severity of vehicular accidents is influenced by vehicle speed, size and location. an individual can prevent serious accidents by going the speed limit and following local laws. Always tone down an individual speed to account for adverse weather conditions, like snow, hail or rain, that drastically affect an individual's turning and stopping power. If an individual see's anyone driving erratically, be sure to fall back and allow him or her plenty of space. Call the authorities if concerned about a potential accident occurring, due to swerving, intoxication, drunk driving. By keeping a level head and attentive outlook, an individual can possibly avoid serious accidents in the future.

If a person is involved in a serious collision, they'll need to fight for injury claim compensation through the court systems. Car accidents can leave an individual with hefty vehicle repair charges and extensive medical bills. If an individual does not obtain compensation, a person may also need to file for bankruptcy due to accident, which can have a serious effect on an individual finance, credit rating and peace of mind. Hire a lawyer to understand the facts and information of compensation for an individual's accident collision type and resulting medical problems. - Learn more here for a Free Legal Consultations with an Auto Accident Lawyer in Orange County - Call Now: 714-265-7526.

Reasons to Hire an Orange County Auto Accident Lawyer

Lawyers help an individual obtain compensation to recover personal injuries. The compensation often pays for all of an individual's medical bills, pain and suffering, vehicle damage and time off work. Lawyers must tally up a person's losses to determine the correct settlement amount to pursue. Furthermore, if an individual medical problems do not immediately heal, they may need to continue receiving care or spending time away from their job. If this happens, an individual will need to pursue compensation that covers these future needs. If an individual just leaves the compensation up to the insurance companies attorneys, they'll only receive the initial small amount insurance adjuster's compensation, not the right amount for future medical and other coverages.

Schedule an individual Free Consultation Today

Lawyers will provide an individual with a free consultation to discuss their case. During this discussion, a lawyer will examine the case facts and determine if there is a case claim to be filed. Bring all medical paperwork, repair quotes and other information of the collision for the best chances of a successful case. Lawyers will help fill in the blanks using a police report or insurance statements, and all information from the car accident incident. A Free Legal consultation will allow an individual to see the benefits of hiring a lawyer to fight for their potential compensation.

With the help of the best car accident lawyer in Orange County California, accident victims can get the help they need to win their personal injury claim. While everyone in the state of California has the legal right to represent themselves in court, it is often at a great risk to their personal injury claim to do so. Instead, take advantage of a free consultation offered by Alexander D. Napolin online today. - Free Legal Consultations Auto Accident Lawyer Orange County - Call Now: 714-265-7526