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AG Perfection Reminds Drivers About the Dangers of at-Home Repair Kits


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/08/2014 --Car accidents can happen for a number of different reasons, from distracted driving to faulty vehicles to something as small as a crack in the windshield. Auto Glass Perfection LLC, an auto glass repair company in Phoenix, Arizona, is reminding drivers to take care of the small chips and cracks in their windshields before they become a safety issue. For automobiles that are out on the road all day, chip and rock damage is of particular concern.

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No matter how many miles are traveled, though, windshield damage will likely affect everyone at some point or another. In keeping with its mission to keep drivers safe, AG Perfection wants drivers to be aware of the dangers of at-home or DIY auto glass repair kits.

Every year AG Perfection sees 25 to 30 people who have used an at-home repair kit with disastrous results. Although these kits provide step-by-step instructions on how to repair a chip or crack, they do not provide the trained hand and years of experience that true auto glass experts have. From low quality resin to improper equipment, combined with the inexperience of users, at-home repair kits are full of flaws and potential risks.

Rather than spending money on a product that usually doesn’t work and only creates larger problems in the long run, why not spend a little more on a professional service, one that you know will get the job done right.

Do it yourself or do it right...the choice is up to you.

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Auto Glass Perfection is a locally owned and operated company, offering 15 years of industry experience and expertise in all facets of automotive glass. Our passion is glass and our operations are focused on a customer’s satisfaction and safety. Whether we’re replacing the side window in a minivan, repairing rock chips on fleet vehicles, or installing the windshield in a semi, each of our clients is held in the highest regard. This rings true throughout our entire organization. From beginning to end, we want the process to be extremely simple for you.

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