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Ageless Boomer Launches Quest To Stick It to the Publishing Man

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Upper Black Eddy, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2010 -- Some may see him as just another modern day Don Quixote taking on insurmountable challenges, but independent author Jim Donovan has overcome great obstacles to achieve publishing success. Twenty-five years ago, his “Facebook” was the local precinct’s mugshots of questionable characters, “LinkedIn” was how you scored drugs, and twitter was the sound of birds waking him from the delirium of all night parties.

A recovered New Yorker, Donovan has seen a lot of things in his 64 years. At 30, he was a rising star in the television business, first in broadcasting and then in his own business as a pioneer in the corporate video industry. At 40, he was on the streets, having lost his career, family, friends, money, health and dignity. By 50, he had righted his ship and published “Handbook to a Happier Life” based on lessons he learned on his personal journey to pull himself up from the gutters.

And at 64, armed with more energy and vitality than ever, he’s leading the charge in another direction – challenging the stereotypes of aging with his latest book, “Don’t Let an Old Person Move into Your Body - how to make the rest of your life, the best of your life."

“Getting old is a myth,” says Donovan, who has continued to focus his life in a positive direction for more than two decades. “How you age is up to you. You can live your life with passion, purpose and power—or you can just get old,” he says.

The core of his message includes:
Igniting your passion?exercises for exploring your gifts and redefining your purpose.
Creating your vision? experiencing your dream life in living color.
Reclaiming your power?improving your life spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Other topics he covers in “Don’t Let an Old Person Move into Your Body” include: eliminating energy zappers; starting each day in a positive frame of mind; attracting your dream life; achieving optimal health and avoiding age-related illnesses.

“My passion is to inspire people to create the life they were born to live,” says Donovan.

For those people who order “Don’t Let an Old Person Move into Your Body" during the Amazon promotion starting June 11th and running for two weeks, Donovan and his partners, who include some of the top names in personal development, including a New York Times bestselling author, are offering a variety of bonus gifts to further help people live their dreams. They can be seen at