Agiliway Implements CiviCRM-Based Solution for Ukrainian Nonprofit Organizations

Agiliway launches a custom design and implementation solution for nonprofit organizations, parties, associations, as well as companies whose activities are membership or subscription-based (such as sports clubs or periodicals) built on one of the most popular association management systems - CiviCRM.


Lviv, Ukraine -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/06/2017 --With the rapid development of the non-governmental sector and public entities in Ukraine, the use of the constituent relationship management software is gaining in popularity. Agiliway decided to play a part in this social process and initiated the localization and implementation of one of the most common systems for managing relationships with members of organizations or associations - CiviCRM.

CiviCRM is a web-based contact relationship management system with extended functionality designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, parties, associations, and companies. In addition to the standard contact management function it includes a set of extra modules and capabilities used to manage different membership types and conditions; track various relationships between contacts; calculate membership fees, track payments and notify members about the timing of payments; create contribution forms for fundraising appeals; follow up internal projects; manage interactive communication with constituents and supporters, etc. With CiviCRM, whether it's a single-person task or large-scale project with significant involvement of human resources, all activities within the organization are under control, and time spent for their processing is minimized. Most importantly, since it is an open source software, the possibilities to develop CRM modules for any NGO are virtually unlimited.

As an official partner of CiviCRM Agiliway has joined the ranks of CRM experts who help nonprofits to step up their processes by seamlessly integrating CiviCRM solution, adding new capabilities and offering support services. CiviCRM is being implemented by thousands of organizations globally as an absolutely indispensable set up for a successful operation of NGO in an era of automation. Large charities, global advocacy organizations, foundations, government entities, political parties, local community and faith-based organizations are either already successful at their CiviCRM deployments or consider CiviCRM solution for running a more efficient organization.

To that end, Agiliway team is quick and eager to analyze customer processes and respond with the best strategy for integrating new CiviCRM applications. The strategy is built on software development proficiency and CiviCRM expertise that covers: CiviCRM customization, implementation, integration with third-party systems like ERP or corporate portals; integration into a corporate website or e-commerce platform; solution maintenance and enhancement; end-user training and support.

About Agiliway
An active member of CiviCRM community Agiliway makes it a priority to contribute to the platform development, in particular to rather neglected UI development and localization. Our previous successful projects have added to the CiviCRM repository new components and modules, like custom User Interface, graphic Calendar, Advanced Security module, etc. Along with Ukrainian localization we performed, CiviCRM has made a strong showing on the Ukrainian market as well.

The Agiliway team puts in every effort to make CiviCRM highly accessible and overly convenient for use among NGOs, parties, unions and associations globally, thus if you have any questions, suggestions or additional information about this project, please visit our website or email us at