Shenzhen Anbond Technology Co., LTD (Aickar)

Aickar Announces New Innovative & Highly Versatile Aroma Diffuser ELF


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/02/2016 (Shenzhen Anbond Technology Co., Ltd.) announced today that a new aroma diffuser, the Aickar Elf, is being offered to relieve those who suffer from dry skin or who live in a dry climate.

The Aickar Elf aroma diffuser is essential to moisturizing dry skin in the summer and fall months when people spend more time inside in air conditioning. This highly versatile aroma diffuser offers benefits beyond moisturizing dry skin. You can fill the Aickar Elf with water and a few drops of essential oil to produce aroma therapy that helps a variety of situations from relieving stress to helping people sleep better. The Aickar Elf is compatible with any essential oils to produce the many benefits of aroma therapy.

Says Shenzhen Anbond Technology Co., Ltd.'s president, Jeno, "We've had great success with companies that need an aroma diffuser for situations other than dry skin, too, like bars, coffee houses, high-end costume stores, yoga clubs, offices, and restaurants."

The Aickar Elf is engineered with innovative features designed to be aesthetically pleasing, while being environmentally conscious. The unique water-drop shape is constructed of transparent material to create the aroma diffuser's shell. The Aickar Elf features a durable, long-lasting LED bulb that produces an interesting visual effect when turned on, highlighting the dynamic vapor inside.

Jeno says, "The Aickar Elf is the creation of a group of environmentally aware engineers who want an aroma diffuser for a variety of uses, one that's as attractive as it is functional."

Easy to use, the Aickar Elf features a small upper lid that is detachable with an internal funnel design for filling the aroma diffuser with water and essential oils. This innovative design ensures that water will not splash up and out, making it simple and mess-free to fill. The buttons for operating the Aickar Elf are ergonomically designed for ease of use and placed on the base panel, making it extremely convenient to directly control its operation.

"We want our customers to try the Aickar Elf and see for themselves how simple it is to operate and the amazing effect it can have on your skin and, more powerfully, on your mood," says Jeno.

As a professional OEM factory for aroma diffusers, (Shenzhen Anbond Technology Co., Ltd.) has been producing hundreds of similar products in the past 8 years. We were inspired on a rainy day by the natural beauty of water droplets on the window to create the Aickar Elf. The Aickar Elf is not merely aroma therapy, humidification, and colorful lights, however. It is the only transparent one on the market, more beautiful and quiet with no noise at all, and is made with healthy, environmentally-friendly materials from Germany. You'll find the Aickar Elf has more surprises waiting for you to uncover.

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