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Aidee Baby Presents the Fashionable Winter Solution to Nursing in Public

Breastfeeding in Cooler Weather Just Got Easier With This New Warm and Fashionable Fleece Baby Wearing Jacket


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/13/2016 --Breastfeeding in public can be challenging enough for some mothers as it is. Whether it's a personal matter of feeling apprehensive about feeding one's child in public or an issue of finding the right clothing item to where to get the job done in a convenient and comfortable manner, the weather that comes with the seasonal changes can add another layer of complications. Fortunately, Los Angeles-based company Aidee Baby peels away all the confusion with a simple solution: a heathered grey fleece nursing jacket. This warm, inviting and fashionable baby wearing jacket is part of the newest collection in the growing company's lineup of fashionable nursing wear.

Aidee Baby is a young company but has wasted no time towards becoming a leader in designing practical and fashionable solutions for mothers who want to nurse in public. Aidee Baby believes in not only the right of mothers to nurse where they want when they want, but that they should also have the ability to nurse in style and comfort.

"That's why we created our business in the first place – out of a dissatisfaction for the current products that we were available on the market. Instead of complaining about it – we did something!" shared Aidee Baby Founder Jayne Dickson. "Our new heathered fleece is something we've been wanting to bring out to the public for a while now and are so excited we finally have the opportunity to. We've received so much positive feedback from our other styles and wanted to push the envelope even more with this collection and create something that was not only practical for cooler weather but also fashionable in a way that you don't see in other nursing wear."

The heathered grey fleece nursing jackets from Aidee Baby are available now and make amazing gifts for mothers looking to keep themselves warm at night while staying fashionable. Anywhere that the climate demands covering up, Aidee Baby is there to offer the perfect solution for mother and child.

To order an fleece nursing covers, visit the collection online. For more information about Aidee Baby's other nursing blankets and to learn more about the company itself, visit Aidee Baby's website today.

About Aidee Baby
Aidee Baby is a California-based company founded by Jayne Dickson in 2016. The company specializes in wearable nursing covers / baby wearing jackets that give everyday mothers a stylish and affordable option to nurse in public. Made in the USA, Aidee Baby's nursing covers are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes with collections for all seasons. Created for mothers by mothers, Aidee Baby is rooted in personal experience that has transformed itself into seeking ways to help women across the globe feel comfortable nursing in any given scenario while still being able to meet their child's needs and nurturing a stronger bond as often as possible.