Aidee Baby

Aidee Baby's New Multi-Use Cover Gives Mothers the Confidence to Nurse in Style Whenever, Wherever

Los Angeles-based Company Launches New Line of Wearable Nursing Products Created by Women for Women That Equally Satisfy Both Mother and Child


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/23/2016 --Few bonds are greater than the one between a nursing child and its mother. Many mothers, however, find that nursing in public is uncomfortable for them and wish there was an option that would allow them to do so without trepidation. Fortunately, one Los Angeles-based company has stepped up and developed the perfect product for mothers the world over. Few companies take the bond between mother and child – and how mothers feel about expressing this bond – as seriously as Aidee Baby. The young business is excited to share with the public the launch of their new wearable nursing covers / baby wearing jackets in order that the special union between mother and child remain unbroken regardless of environment and circumstances.

The foundations for Aidee Baby's multi-use cover were not formed in some detached corporate office simply out to make a buck but rather blossomed naturally out of a desire for a practical solution to an everyday challenge faced by mothers all across the world. When her son Aiden was born, Aidee Baby Founder Jayne Dickson quickly learned just how eager and impatient infants get when they're ready to nurse. With the desire to cover up but the hassle of pulling out a cover each time coupled with the fear that it would get yanked off, Aidee Baby was effectively born. The nursing cover that came as a result was designed to serve a broad range of purposes – not merely just for when sitting in one place.

"I wanted to create something that wouldn't just be useful when sitting on a bench in the mall or park, but also in scenarios like taking the dogs for a walk or going grocery shopping," explained Aidee Baby Founder Jayne. "Essentially, I wanted to be able to wear something versatile enough that whether I'm nursing and my infant tries to pull it off or I'm chasing my toddler down the sidewalk while still attached to their younger sibling, it will still work perfectly and stay on!"

Finding inspiration in her own personal experience, Jayne – along with her mother and sister – went to the drawing board to create a wearable cover that could help other mothers in a variety of ways – from simply having a fashionable piece of clothing even when not babywearing all the way to going for a walk on the beach while nursing. The result was an open design that allows mom to decide how much coverage to use while nursing and babywearing. The multi-use wrap from Aidee Baby strikes the perfect balance between stylish and functional and is available in a variety colors, cuts, and sizes as well as collections for both summer and fall/winter. In all cases, a contemporary look blends a simple yet elegant flow that works for both casual/everyday attire as well as more formal occasions.

Aidee Baby is proud to announce the launch of their accompanying online store Just as Jayne's friends requesting wraps for their own infants was the catalyst that generated more designs and manufacturing from the company in its earliest stages, the women owned and operated Aidee Baby looks forward to tremendous success as the broader audience of the public takes notice of their highly fashionable, pragmatic, versatile, and affordable line.

To explore the many styles and colors that can match personalities and tastes of both mother and child, visit Aidee Baby's website today.

About Aidee Baby
Aidee Baby is a California-based company founded by Jayne Dickson in 2016. The company specializes in wearable nursing covers / baby wearing jackets that give everyday mothers a stylish and affordable option to nurse in public. Made in the USA, Aidee Baby's nursing covers are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes with collections for all seasons. Created for mothers by mothers, Aidee Baby is rooted in personal experience that has transformed itself into seeking ways to help women across the globe feel comfortable nursing in any given scenario while still being able to meet their child's needs and nurturing a stronger bond as often as possible.