Aidite Launches New Product: Biomic Zirconia Veneer Solution


Qinhuangdao, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2020 --On September 18, 2020, Aidite held a new product launch conference at Langham Hotel, Guangzhou, China, to release the Biomic Zirconia Veneer Solution, which is committed to solving the bonding problems of zirconia material and creating the extremely excellent bionic teeth to satisfy the patients.

It is well known that the reason why glass-ceramics can be used in dental veneers is the critical role the lithium disilicate playing, bonding the restoration materials firmly without easy falling. Moreover, glass-ceramic meets the aesthetic needs of patients with front teeth veneer as their excellent transparency. However, in recent years, with the development of aesthetic dental restoration material and the problem that the strength and bionic effect of glass-ceramics are far less than zirconia material appearing, zirconia materials have become popular among patients and doctors because of their excellent mechanical strength and good biocompatibility.

The clinical effect of zirconia materials has attracted much attention. In spite of the continuous development of bonding technology, the exfoliation of zirconia materials still occurs in the clinic. Unfortunately, in all-ceramic materials, the incidence of poor retention of zirconia restorations is the highest, especially in the application of zirconia veneer.

Since there is no problem with glass-ceramics in the bonding of clinical dental veneer, is it possible to coat glass-ceramic on the zirconia surface to achieve good aesthetic restoration and bionic effect? Such a solution gives birth to Aidite Biomic Lisi Connect.

Aidite Biomic Lisi Connect can make zirconia surface modification and combine the lithium disilicate with zirconia material closely to significantly improve the bonding strength of zirconia. Ultra-thin micron grade lithium disilicate coating will maintain a reliable adhesion for a long time without affecting the clinical position and is compatible with all zirconia materials. Because of the existence of Biomic Lisi Connect, the zirconia veneer will meet the aesthetic and bionic requirements of doctors and patients for the veneer.

In addition to Biomic Lisi connect, Aidite Biomic Zirconia Veneer solution also includes a 3D Pro shade guide and Biomic Stain/Glaze. 3D Pro shade guide also exerts significant influence in creating bionic teeth with aesthetic effect. The 3D Pro shade guide is made of 3D Pro zirconia material. Because the material of the 3D Pro shade guide is the same as the dental restoration material, the color that the doctor hopes to get after the comparison can be 100% restored on the restoration, which really meets the clinical needs of accurate color matching.

Furthermore, Biomic Stain/Glaze is also a new product launched by Aidite recently enabling dental external dyeing technicians to dye and color in the simplest and fastest way and produce prosthesis that imitates the aesthetic effect of clinical natural teeth. The color configuration of Biomic Stain/Glaze is reasonable and straightforward. With the perfect training system of Aidite, technicians can quickly master the method after learning and create the prosthesis with an ideal aesthetic effect. What's more, the definition of 2D paste color in Biomic Stain/Glaze completely imitates the natural tooth color. After mixing with 3D paste, the aesthetic effect can be maximized. Simultaneously, the 3D paste can adjust the surface morphology of teeth to achieve a dual bionic effect from the aesthetic effect and morphological effect.

Aidite Biomic Stain/Glaze can be applied to all kinds of ceramic restoration materials, such as ceramic crowns, glass-ceramic tubes and zirconia crowns.

Oral health has always been the primary concern of dentists and the public. In order to provide the public with more accessible bionic teeth with aesthetic restorative effect, Aidite broke the conventional rules and created more innovative possibilities of dental restoration materials.

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