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Air Cleaning Technologies Helps Improve Indoor Air Quality with Air Duct Sanitizer in Alexandria and Fairfax, Virginia

For those looking for air duct sanitizer in Alexandria and Fairfax, Virginia, Air Cleaning Technologies is the best choice.


Sterling, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/04/2019 --Bacterial, mold, mildew, and other biological growths can thrive in ductwork due to its cold, dark, moist environment. Professional duct cleaning can remove mold and mildew, but it does not guarantee that there won't be another occurrence of growth, nor does it rule out the possibility of biological contamination.

Air Cleaning Technologies offers duct sanitizing for the air conditioning system to remove biological contamination and to protect against further growth. The professionals at Air Cleaning are thoroughly trained and certified to carry out this multi-step process by applying an air duct sanitizer to the inside of the ductwork to eliminate germs and biological growth and prevent the development of new growth.

As a premier resource for air duct sanitizer in Alexandria and Fairfax, Virginia, Air Cleaning Technologies works with contractors, architects, and engineers to design and develop new systems and solve specific environmental challenges.

As a full-service company, Air cleaning Technologies also offers custom air handling units, filtration systems, and field-build systems for the removal of CBR contaminants. By using their service, people can enjoy pure, clean air with comprehensive design, testing, cleaning, and maintenance.

Excessive amounts of dust or debris clog the duct system and release dust or debris into the home through the vent registers when the system operates. Cleaning air ducts improves air quality.

They use only warrantied products that are proven effective for improving indoor air quality. The professionals at Air Cleaning Technologies can help with advice and service to extend the life of the system, increase efficiency, or reduce repairs.

These professionals are courteous and efficiently perform their work. With years of experience in the industry, Air Cleaning Technologies has offered homeowners peace of mind by cleaning air ducts to improve air indoor quality.

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