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Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. Offers Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Baltimore and Alexandria, Virginia

Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. helps in maintaining a clean indoor environment at commercial establishments.


Sterling, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/11/2021 --Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. is a company focused on improving their discerning clients' indoor air quality. They even offer specialized services related to UV germicidal lights in Alexandria and Annandale, Virginia. This company works with mechanical contractors, building maintenance experts, and HVAC specialists to effectively cater to their distinctive clients.

People spend a good chunk of their week at work, and hence the air quality present at those commercial buildings impacts their health to a considerable extent. Moreover, Environmental Protection Agency studies show that indoor air contains higher levels of pollutants than outdoor air. Hence, creating a clean and comfortable work environment has become a necessity today. Congress has even received a report from the EPA concluding that improving indoor air quality increased employee productivity and reduced workdays lost due to illness. Hence, ensuring a workplace with clean air can ultimately prove profitable for a company.

Cleaning the air duct is a core aspect of maintaining clean air in a building, whether commercial or residential. Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. additionally is among the prime service providers of commercial air duct cleaning in Baltimore and Alexandria, Virginia.

This company, moreover, does not merely stop at cleaning the interior surfaces of commercial ductwork. To ensure the highest cleaning level, their certified professionals clean all parts of the system, right from vents back to heating coils and fans.

The duct cleaning process followed by Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. focuses on testing, identifying, and resolving issues that reduce air quality in a building. By meeting and exceeding the stringent standards established by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA), this company helps in preventing the spread of contaminants in commercial establishments.

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About Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc.
Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. is staffed with Certified Air Filtration Specialist (CAFS) by the National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) and caters to clients in Alexandria, Annadale, Arlington, Fairfax, and nearby areas.