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Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. Provides Indoor Air Quality Services in Baltimore and Fairfax, Virginia

Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. offers a wide range of solutions aimed at improving indoor air quality.


Sterling, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/06/2021 --Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. a well-established company that deals with a host of equipment and solutions related to improving indoor air quality. They even provide services for indoor air quality testing in Baltimore and Fairfax, Virginia. Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. caters to customers across the United States. They have an air filter testing facility, showroom, and distribution center in Sterling while having offices in Pittsburgh and Baltimore. They stock their 30,000 square-foot warehouses with filters in all standard sizes, efficiency levels, and MERV ratings to meet all clients' requirements. The staff members of Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. also try to provide valuable advice and recommendation to their clients to extend the life of their system, increase efficiency, or reduce repairs. These professionals also work with various contractors, building maintenance, and HVAC specialists to ensure that clients enjoy safe and clean air quality.

Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. is fully committed to identifying and solving any air quality issue and delivering premium indoor air quality services in Baltimore and Fairfax, Virginia. They carry out projects in government and commercial buildings, hospitals, laboratories, and a host of other facilities. In addition to testing, cleaning, maintaining, and restoring systems, they also work with contractors, architects, and engineers to design and develop new systems and solve specific environmental challenges.

The comprehensive service offered by Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. starts with assessing client systems and needs, followed by environmental testing. They combine that testing process with their HVAC/Air Filtration, CBR, and environmental services to solve any identified issues. Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. can manufacture and install a new system for problems associated with failing or outdated HVAC systems or opt to restore and upgrade existing system components.

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About Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc.
Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. offers a host of air quality solutions to the people of Annadale, Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church, Reston, Sterling, and many of their nearby areas.