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Air Cleaning Technologies Provides Advanced Air Duct Sanitizer in Fairfax and Sterling Virginia

With the help of Air Cleaning Technologies, people can easily enjoy the clean and fresh air at their establishment.


Sterling, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/10/2020 --Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. is a prominent company that deals with a host of equipment and services related to improving indoor air quality. They offer incredibly efficient services for air handler repairs in Bowie MD and Washington DC. The staff members of the Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. tend to additionally work with diverse contractors, building maintenance and HVAC specialists, to make sure that their clients get to enjoy an air quality that is safe and clean. This company is fully committed to identifying and solving any air quality issue.

The indoor air quality that they experience has quite a significant impact on the overall health and well-being of people. Air Cleaning Technologies is renowned for offering a wide range of environmental and indoor air quality services for hospitals, laboratories, government, and commercial buildings, as well as various other types of establishments. They tend to work on testing, cleaning, maintaining, and restoring different kinds of air quality improvement systems. Through them, people can ideally get the most advanced air duct sanitizer in Fairfax and Sterling, Virginia.

The Air Cleaning Technologies has been serving the people of Washington, D.C. area for more than two decades, and have built an excellent reputation with the diverse specialized and sensitive military and research organizations present there. This company has helped such organizations to effectively create a safe working environment that meets essential regulatory requirements. At the 30,000 square foot warehouse of Air Cleaning Technologies, this company has stocked almost every good quality standard size air filter and the most-requested supplies, to make these items readily available to their various clients.

Air Cleaning Technologies caters to customers throughout the United States, while having a distribution center, air filter testing facility, and showroom in Sterling, VA.

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About Air Cleaning Technologies
Air Cleaning Technologies is a major company that offers environmental and indoor air quality services.