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Air Cleaning Technologies Takes Care of Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Arlington and Reston

There is one company that has been keeping commercial air ducts extremely clean, and that is none other than Air Cleaning Technologies.


Sterling, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/22/2019 --When it comes to indoor air quality, keeping the air ducts clean is a crucial part of the entire process. If the air ducts are not clean, then it will contaminate the air by spreading dust and allergen, and other harmful particles throughout the air. Air flows through the air ducts, which then circulates in every possible nook and corner of the commercial property. Technicians offering commercial air duct cleaning in Arlington and Reston believe that regularly cleaning the ventilation ducts is essential for the long life of the unit as well. Moreover, it is a part of the maintenance procedure. One would not want the unit to die down without notice. A commercial HVAC unit with failure is going to be disastrous in terms of both comfort and productivity. That is why one would perhaps need a company that can take care of the duct cleaning job. Air Cleaning Technologies is that company that has years of expertise in providing air duct cleaning.

All technicians working with Air Cleaning Technologies are trained and experienced in duct cleaning for all types of commercial facilities, including healthcare, where biological contaminants are a treat in addition to standard pollutants like dust and mold.

As far as their procedure of cleaning the air ducts is concerned, they are very thorough with it. They have developed a process that puts its focus on testing, identifying, and resolving any issues that may contribute to diminished air quality. They put their utmost efforts in thoroughly cleaning all parts of the system, from vents back to heating coils and fans. Once the cleaning process is over with the help of specialized equipment, they will use the HEPA containment units, using a negative air pressure to clean the air and prevent contaminants from being released.

Air Cleaning Technologies also offers air duct sanitizer in Alexandria and Arlington Virginia, air handler cleaning and restoration, new HVAC system design, and more.

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About Air Cleaning Technologies
Air Cleaning Technologies is a well known company that follows strict protocols of the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) in offering air ducts cleaning, new HVAC system design, cooling tower restoration, custom air handling units and more.