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Woodland Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/14/2014 --Air Crash Consultants, a leading firm that advises lawyers who defend victims of aviation accidents, is pleased to announce that its news blog, Air Flight Disaster (AFD) has over 37,000 subscribers. The aviation news blog, which follows aviation disasters across the globe, works toward maintaining a high level of industry knowledge and a dedication of service to clients, crash victims and legal colleagues. Air Crash Consultants develops a relationship between lawyers and families of victims of disastrous events like Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370) and lesser events like passengers with turbulence and other injuries.

“We follow all aviation news,” explains George Hatcher, president of Air Crash Consultants, “While it is not possible to cover all aviation events, we do mention some of the cases handled by lawyers we advise; but we do not limit the scope of the column to only those cases. Sometimes we do get requests to provide news regarding particular accidents like MH370 via my twitter account or the contact form on the Air Crash Consultants website.” In addition to our 37,000 subscribers, our headlines go out to 110,000 twitter followers.

Several years ago, George Hatcher started the AFD column, and since then moved it to an independent site. His extensive background in consultation on legal and aviation cases goes back over forty-five years and is now supplemented by input from his database of 500+ Anonymous Experts. Aviation cases have included Tam Flight 3054, Air France Flight 447, MH370, and others.

About Air Crash Consultants
In the field of global litigation support, Air Crash Consultants’ mission is to bridge the gap between United States attorneys George advises and local lawyers who represent the families. ACC is a global consulting firm headquartered in Los Angeles with affiliations across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, providing litigation support, accident investigation, translation services, and as-needed assistance, and where the victims’ interests are always paramount. Lawyers may be interested in his other ventures like Connecting Lawyers to Lawyers.

About Anonymous Experts
George Hatcher's Anonymous Experts database includes live references who render Expert recommendations and opinions. Experts include over 500 pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, photographers, airport personnel, etc.