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Air Crash Consultants Asked for Input Regarding AirAsia Flight8501

Everything depends on the investigation's findings.


Woodland Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/12/2015 --George Hatcher of Air Crash Consultants believes that in order for justice to be served in the domain of wrongful death and personal injury cases, it is crucial that every claim pursues the maximum compensation possible. His input on trending aviation matters, such as the importance of timely recovery of the black boxes on Flight 8501, is frequently sought.

Hatcher explains the timing of the recovery can be crucial. "Four minutes after ATC denied Indonesia Air Asia Flight 8501 permission to climb due to six planes in the same airspace, the Airbus A320 disappeared from radar, leaving us dependent on investigators learning the rest of the story to be told by the wreckage and the black boxes. Along with family members, the world waits and watches. It should be simple because of the black box beacon, right? But the ping range of the beacon is about 4,100 meters—and only before the batteries die thirty days after the crash."

When asked to compare this accident with the disappearance of MH370 and Air France 447, he says he believes this case to be different. "It took two years to find the black boxes of AF447 in the Atlantic Ocean and the data was expected by many experts to have been damaged. As it turned out, the data was good enough to establish the missing pieces of the puzzle. Next to AF447, AirAsia the search time frame should be shorter. Compared to the Atlantic, the Java sea is a pond. Pings or not, the black boxes will be found."

One reason for the demand for Hatcher's services is that forty plus years of consulting—bridging the gaps between lawyers, clients and countries—has given him a unique perspective in providing the most comprehensive service possible to all his clients. Even lawyers frequently ask him about the feasibility of cases, to which he makes this disclaimer, "I am not a lawyer. I don't give legal advice." He admits, however, that he quotes the experts, including his own Anonymous Experts

His caution is based on having seen cases turn on a dime on the basis of unanticipated discoveries, like the well-known Hinkley case made famous in the movie Erin Brockovich. George Hatcher was consulting for Masry and Vititoe at the time Brockovich's famous case was underway.