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Air Driven Elevators Using Pneumatic Technology


Buffalo, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/28/2019 --Access Elevator, serving Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Erie, and surrounding areas, is an authorized dealer of vacuum elevators by Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, LLC., the only manufacturer of vacuum elevators.

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, LLC. (PVE) is changing the image of in-home elevators for residential, marine and stage applications. Where other elevators have the reputation of tight spaces with jerky movements, vacuum elevators provide a smooth and enjoyable experience. By using only the power of air through pneumatic technology, vacuum elevators lift with efficient and almost effortless ability. And, with 360? panoramic design, users will no longer feel trapped in a confined space.

The applications for vacuum elevators are endless. With an extremely small footprint, the elevators are logical for any type of residence. Also, with no additional space required such as a pit excavation, hoist-way or machine room, the elevators can be installed in areas where they were once considered to be off-limits such as yachts, areas without the ability to dig or even limited space environments. In some ways, installing the elevators is more convenient than fitting stairs!

Once installed, home owners will be amazed at how much use they will get from their vacuum elevator. Carrying heavy bags of groceries, suitcases or linens and clothes are some of the many uses owners will find for elevators. And with people living longer, chances are someone in the home would benefit from the safety and convenience of an installed vacuum elevator. Access Elevator enjoys helping to empower residents who were once uncomfortable with their elevators' performance or whose homes were previously unable to fit elevator systems. The ability to help residents improve their quality of life is one of the most satisfying aspects Access Elevator encounters when installing PVE vacuum elevators.

Energy usage is another significant difference of vacuum elevators. The vacuum itself is only used for the ascent. Descent is powered by the air already in the vacuum housing. Without cables, annual maintenance is minimal - no more need for lubricating wires and cables. One option for installation is including split-unit systems to accommodate lower overhead top floors or soften the noise made by the top suction assembly. The installation process itself might be the deciding factor for some residents. While other elevators can take weeks of noise, dust and disruption, PVE vacuum elevators only require 2-3 days from start to finish. Whether residents are looking for a quick installation or if a sudden change in mobility requires quick accommodation changes, Access Elevator can improve the quality of life for residents quickly.

Residents can choose from three models ranging from a 1-passenger model with 350 lbs. capacity to a 3-passenger wheelchair-accessible model with 525 lbs. capacity. Aside from the vacuum elevators already having an aesthetically pleasing appearance, the elevators are available in 6 different color options – standard gray, light gray, white, black, taupe and silver. Other options include cabin phone, key lock and a pre-installed foldable seat.

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