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Air Quality Control Environmental Inc Assists with Air Duct Cleaning in Deerfield Beach and Miami Beach, Florida

When it comes to ensuring that the air one breathes in the home is safe, there is only one company that homeowners can get in touch with for air duct cleaning. Air Quality Control Environmental Inc has been doing their bit in offering assistance with thoroughly cleaning the air ducts.


Coral Springs, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2020 --Homeowners in Florida are not aware that the air ducts of their air conditioning systems in the house are responsible for their ill-health too. It is quite surprising to know, but it is a fact unknown to many. Air conditioning systems use a network of air ducts to circulate the cold air throughout the house. These air ducts are made with fiberglass insulation. Though it is not a proven fact yet, fiberglass particles are known to be a carcinogen. Breathing indoor air with these harmful particles is detrimental to one's health. The only way to deal with the problem and ensure that the indoor air is safe to breathe is by opting for professional air duct cleaning in Deerfield Beach and Miami Beach, Florida. Air Quality Control Environmental Inc is one company that helps with the thorough cleaning of the air ducts. The company has been at this job for a long time, and their cleaning process includes a special coating for preventing the fiberglass from breaking into pieces and becoming airborne.

Most homeowners don't realize what harm they are being subjected to. There are, however, some signs of being sure. Experts carrying out the cleaning job share useful information with the homeowners. They ask them to look for dust floating and settling on surfaces around the house or whether any family members are known to have been having trouble with allergies and asthma. These are signs for the air being polluted and the air ducts requiring a quick cleanup.

The company is comprehensive when it comes to ensuring air quality control in Boca Raton and Davie, Florida. The air duct cleaning services they provide are extensive, and they are reasonably priced and warranted. The cleaning process involves using tools including cable drives, air sweeps & whips, HEPA filtered vacuum, and brush systems. The cleaning crew opens and carefully cleans each supply and return, cleaning the main trunk line, sanitizing all the register grills, and finishing with a bacteria-killing treatment.

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Air Quality Control Environmental Inc. is a reliable company for air duct cleaning in Deerfield Beach and Miami Beach, Florida. They cater to residential and commercial clients and offer nicotine removal, commercial coil cleaning, marine air duct cleaning, etc.