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Air Quality Control Environmental Inc Helps Prevent Fires with Dryer Vent Cleaning in Palm Beach and Stuart Florida

Fires can be devastating, and one of the ways to save one’s house from fire is by resorting to dryer vent cleaning in Palm Beach and Stuart Florida. There is only one company that can help in this regard.


Coral Springs, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/16/2019 --Of all the elements that can cause damage to one's house the most is fire. House fires can be devastating and destroy one's property and live as well. Things can still be salvaged from water damage, but when a fire breaks out there is too little time to save anything. By the time it is over, everything turns to ash, and nothing remains behind. That is why homeowners should be extra careful. There are instances of house fires due to unclean dryer vents. That can come as a surprise, but that is true. Companies like Air Quality Environmental Inc. has been keeping fires away from one's house through their dryer vent cleaning in Palm Beach and Stuart Florida services. The company is excellent when it comes to vent cleaning, air ducts cleaning, air duct replacement, and installation and more. They have been serving both the residential and commercial clients to the best of their abilities.

The dryer vent cleaning experts working with them point out the possible danger that is behind most of the fire breakouts. They blame lint in the dryer vents of the dryer filter behind the fire accidents. When there is too much lint in the dryer vents, then it causes overheating and catches fire. If the dryer vents are kept clean, then the chances of fire breakouts will be eradicated, and one's property will be safe.

Not every company can provide with such a thorough vent cleaning in Stuart and Jupiter Florida service like Air Quality Environmental Inc. They use an advanced machine to get the cleaning job done most effectively. The company uses an advanced patented machine which combines the action of suction from a high powered vacuum and the thorough cleaning action of a rotating brush. This cleans the lint thoroughly from the venting system as well as from the dryer itself. The cleaning professionals also use special tools which are required to remove blockages such as birds nest or beehives.

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Air Quality Environmental Inc., offers extensive vent cleaning in Stuart and Jupiter Florida. They also offer a host of other services that includes air purification and filtration, air duct replacement and installation, coil cleaning and more.