Airbnb of Cloud Computing Tops Indiegogo


Porto, Portugal -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/08/2017 --Bang, just like that, Holo raised 80% of their $200k crowdfunding goals in the first 48 hours and became the top project on Indiegogo.

What makes it so exciting? People are eager to take back the internet.

Holo is a new platform built as a bridge from current web browsers to more resilient and empowering P2P web. This concept of a truly peer-to-peer internet served as the plot on this season of HBO's Silicon Valley. But while many have lauded the opportunities of decentralization, few have crafted a bridge to mainstream users, much less enabled people to get paid in the process.

Until now, accounting for all of the tiny bits of work each computer does would cost more than the work itself was worth. It doesn't make sense to pay 25 cents in credit card fees to pay someone for a penny's worth of work. As a result, incentivized P2P hosting hasn't been feasible. That is all changing thanks to Holo fuel, an innovative cryptocurrency design that is thousands of times more efficient than blockchain (bitcoin, ethereum) -- making it feasible to securely pay for millions or even billions of microtransactions, each worth less than a penny. Hello, Holo!

"We took the idea of sharing excess capacity from Lyft or Airbnb, and we applied it to web hosting." said Meg Skelton, Holo team coordinator. "Holo enables anyone to share their computer's spare capacity and get securely paid for doing so."

Holo is built on top of Holochain, a framework for distributed applications that is faster, cheaper, and more scalable than blockchain, Holo hosts get paid for creating a gateway that enables anyone with a web browser to access applications run by users themselves. Renowned philosopher on collective intelligence, cyberculture, and the semantic web, Pierre Levy, says there is a new competitor to #blockchain: #Holochain.

Developers and communities running applications will pay Holo Hosts for every bit and byte of work their computer does to enable someone to access Holochain applications through a web browser. Holo will be free to download and run, with the network supported by 1% transaction fees on Holo fuel payments.

Though any computer can be used to host with Holo, to make hosting easy enough that your grandparents could do it, Holo is offering the Holoport, a Plug-n-Play Hosting device, through their Indiegogo campaign. Holo fuel will also be available for pre-purchase in an Initial Community Offering (ICO) beginning on January 8th. The crowdfund will be available globally, and the ICO will be limited availability in compliance with legal regulations.

About Holo
Holo is based out of Gibraltar and regulated through their new legislation for distributed ledger technologies. Holo's founders have spent the last decade working in the distributed computing space and building alternative currencies.