airRED - The Only Infrared Cabin with Invisible Walls

With studies that quantify the benefits of infrared light therapy, many seek this energizing experience. Here to provide a convenient solution is an easy-to-install, freeform cabin: airRED


Stuttgart, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2016 --People are naturally attracted to warmth, and with winter just around the corner, a sauna appears incredibly appealing. But this attraction is more than just a preference, it is an affinity for genuine health benefits. Warming infrared have been shown to yield a variety of benefits including reduced cardiovascular disease, helped chronic pain, and prevented chronic fatigue. And these benefits are by no means subjective, for they have been quantified by an array of studies *. Unfortunately, many people are unable enjoy these benefits because they cannot to find the time or space for a traditional, enclosed infrared sauna. This is where airRED fills its niche. The airRED infrared cabin is wall-free, making the installation process virtually nonexistent, and allowing users to easily enter the cabin without traditional hassles.

The airRED's design is truly innovative and one-of-a-kind. It utilizes air curtain technology to keep a bubble of air isolated. This 'bubble' is then warmed by infrared light, allowing the warming cabin to be convenient and wall-free. The design keeps the airRED modern and low profile as opposed to the often chunky and 80's-looking wooden design of a traditional sauna. As a side benefit, this technique makes the airRED far more energy efficient than competitors.

To ensure that the airRED provides a luxurious experience, the infrared cabin can be equipped with a variety of niceties. These options include an ergonomic backrest, color therapy capability, and a cool setting for the warmer days. Additionally, the airRED comes with bluetooth-capability, enabling users to stream music to the airRED from their phones. In the next year airRED's parent company, Bemberg is expanding from Europe to the rest of the world. To garner the funds needed for this expansion, the airRED team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Patrons will be treated with anything from a personal tour of the airRED factory to fragrances that can be added to the airRED's airflow. With the support of readers, the airRED wall-free cabin will revolutionize the way people treat pain, detox, and simply relax.

About airRED
The airRED warming cabin was convinced by Andreas Paul Wullner, the German owner of Bemberg. Under Paul's ownership, Bemberg has transformed into a company focused on innovation and sustainability as well as health. To this end the material composition airRED is responsibly made from carefully-selected resources. Additionally, the airRED is energy efficient, saving the environment from needless harm. With an innovative design, the airRED warming cabin aims to fit the busy life of the modern man.

To learn more or support airRED visit the Kickstarter campaign page.