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Ajax Chiropractors at Harwood Chiropractic Centre Launches Personal Health and Wellness Initiative

Harwood Chiropractic Centre in Ajax, Ontario, is taking a personal approach to chiropractic treatment and holistic medicine. Their tailored wellness program is an opportunity for individuals to work with experienced chiropractors and massage therapists in developing a plan for sustainable health.


Ajax, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/17/2014 --Harwood Chiropractic Centre in Ajax, Ontario, is promoting a targeted wellness program to better address an individual’s health and wellness needs. They take a personal approach to chiropractic treatment and holistic medicine to help patients achieve long term health. Harwood Chiropractic invites new patients to come in for a personal wellness exam and work with the staff on a plan for sustainable health.

The increased popularity of natural healing is contributing to growth in the chiropractic industry. “More people are being proactive about their health instead of waiting until there’s a problem they can’t ignore,” said one staff member at Harwood Chiropractic Centre. “In the past some of our patients might have gone into surgery without seriously considering the alternatives, but now more people are aware of the options and many of them are looking to natural methods first.”

Chiropractic care, massage therapy, and acupuncture are among the treatments available to those suffering from chronic pain, muscle soreness, and limited mobility. “The best way to treat a symptom or injury is to heal all the related areas of the patient’s body,” said a chiropractor with Harwood Chiropractic Centre. “We treat the individual, not the individual symptoms.”

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Harwood Chiropractic Centre is focused on helping patients improve their overall wellness and health. Better health in general leads to less pain, more energy, and a stronger immune system. That said, a variety of specialized techniques — including laser therapy, spinal decompression, and orthotics — can be used to address specific health concerns in a patient. Visit www.harwoodchiropractic.com today to begin the journey towards better health.