Harwood Chiropractic Centre

Ajax, Ontario Chiropractic Centre Offering the Graston Technique to Patients

Harwood Chiropractic Centre provides the Graston technique for patients seeking treatment of scar tissue, adhesions and movement restrictions


Ajax, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/14/2014 --Harwood Chiropractic Centre of Ajax, Ontario offers a uniquely advanced treatment for patients suffering pain symptoms and movement restriction as a result of scar tissue development. The Graston Technique is an advanced technique that features the use of a specialized instrument which improves soft tissue mobilization and allows specialists to detect and treat scar tissue and other restrictions to normal physical function. The Graston Technique separates and breaks down collagen crosslinks, stretches connective tissues and muscle fibers, increases skin temperature, improves reflex changes in chronic muscle holding patterns, alters spinal reflux activity, increases circulation to and from the target area, activates rejuvenating cellular activity in fibroblasts and mast cells and improves histamine response.

Scar tissue build up can lead to limited motion and pain in the affected area, impairing physical function. Damaged tissue, following an accident, injury or surgical procedure, can grow back in a disorganized and haphazard fashion, as opposed to the orderly, elongated fibers that run parallel to each other in normal skin-growth scenarios. Scar tissue also possesses a reduced elasticity and can lead to restricted motion and pain when cellular growth also bundles nerve tissue improperly and makes pain receptors more vulnerable and sensitive. To treat this set of conditions, the Graston technique employs a patented stainless steel instrument that assists the doctor in detecting adhesions, scar tissue and movement restrictions in affected areas. These instruments are then used to loosen and break up the problematic scar tissue, allowing it’s reabsorption into the body.

Patients can experience some minor discomfort during the procedure, as the sections of the body being treated are already sensitive to the touch. Some bruising may also show, but it should be noted that these are common, normal responses to treatment. The Graston technique is used in conjunction with a brief warm-up exercise before treatment, and is followed by stretching, strengthening and cold compress. Normal treatment frequency consists of two treatments per week for 4-5 weeks, with many patients noticing improvement following the third or fourth visit. Most patients will see no problem performing regular activities at home and at work. The Graston Technique yields positive results in 75-90% treated conditions, with equal effectiveness for acute and chronic injuries and post-surgical patients. Learn more by visiting Harwood Chiropractic Centre at http://www.harwoodchiropractic.com.