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Alabama Dry Cleaning Company Provides Full Wedding Gown Care

Champion Cleaners of Alabama offers a full selection of wedding gown care services, cleaning and preservation packages and care tips


Birmingham, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/04/2014 --Champion Cleaners Dry Cleaning company of Alabama offers complete wedding gown care services including specialized wedding gown cleaning, restoration, preservation and alterations. Champion’s wedding gown care services are informed by their decades of dry cleaning and clothing care experience, leaving no detail unattended as their professional team perfects, preserves and protects the bride’s beloved heirloom for generations to come.

This personalized, consultative service includes a microscopic analysis of the gown, including staining on the hem line, faint makeup stain residue, perspiration stains, loose threads or fatigued lining and faulty zippers that can happen after a preliminary or day-of photo shoot, fitting and trying on the dress repeatedly, or constant handling by tailors and family in the days before the wedding. The ongoing care ensures that pre-wedding photos, alterations, and preparations made while wearing the dress don’t result in wear and tear on the big day. With all the last minute preparations and excitement, let Champion provide the timeliness and quality required when cleaning and pressing the wedding gown.

After the event, Champion Cleaners Wedding Gown Specialists will meticulously refurbish and repair the gown to its original state in preparation for its preservation in Champion’s specialized preservation boxes. Champion’s Wedding Gown Specialist is the only certified wedding gown specialist in Alabama. The bride-tested and industry-proven techniques used by their experts ensure that every gown is in pristine condition for the wedding. The specialized team provides opportunities for brides to meet and consult with them, granting the peace of mind that the gown isn’t shipped off to be handled by anonymous people.

The process for wedding gown care and cleaning begins before the wedding. As a result of extra handling and fittings, the hem line can pick up stains, the bodice may pick up makeup residue and the dress lining may pick up sweat. That’s why the Champion wedding gown care process begins early and is ongoing until the preservation is complete. This eliminates problems like grass or dirt staining from photo shoots, dirt and oil from handling the gown and unseen stains or dirt from the bridal salon.

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Finally, proper preservation allows the bride to store the gown for years without worry of plastic bag chemicals harming the fabric or mildew or mold from cheap containers ruining the gown. Protection from light damage is often ignored as it doesn’t seem apparent till months or years have passed and the effects are irreversible. Whether the bride wishes to keep her dress as an heirloom piece to share with family later, or she decides to sell the gown and recover some of the cost, every gown requires proper cleaning and preservation after the nuptials. When the bride is ready, Champion Wedding Gown Specialists carefully cushion the folds in layers of acid-free tissue and place it into an acid-free, archival-quality wedding gown chest, completing the specialized wedding gown preservation.

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