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Alakh School Announces Dates for Yoga Naturopathy Detox Retreats in India


Rishikesh, Uttarakhand -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/29/2017 --Alakh Yoga School in India has announced the dates for its 13 day Naturopathy And Yoga detox retreats at its centers in Goa and Rishikesh. This is a one of its kind very unique detox retreat course, where students will learn and study the ancient traditional techniques of Naturopathy. The term Naturopathy indicates anything that is inspired by nature. The idea that nature cures all, drives this form of alternative treatment methodology. The core concept of this treatment methodology is a mix of diet, breathing techniques, asana practice, massage and other natural forms of alternative cure.

This system of Nature cure revolves around 5 major natural elements. It does not believe in any chemical interference for complete cure. It depends heavily on the "Panchtatva" in our body and is equally effective in curing many life style based maladies.

The Five Elements of Naturopathy

According to Naturopathy, the five elements need to be perfect balance and harmony. In case this harmony is unbalanced or disturbed, it leads to mental and physical issues that we often refer to as a disease. Listed below are the sample treatments using each of the five elements:

- Earth: This is believed to be an effective cure for treating conditions like skin ailments and chronic gastric conditions. Here, a direct connect with Earth is seen as the potential healer. Therefore, there are lots of elements that reinstate this contact like mud bath, walking barefoot on earth etc.

- Fire: Fire represents the warmth. This includes the likes of hot and cold water bath, steam bath and other heat related treatments. The use of fire has been use in many healing techniques and can be used to cure a variety of conditions.

- Water: This is one of the most important elements of naturopathy and sometimes these treatments are also known as hydrotherapy. The water is often effective as a stimulant, brings down body temperature and is also antipyretic. Therefore, it helps to retrieve body balance in this manner.

- Air: The School focuses on not only teaching but also giving an in depth understanding for right breathing techniques. When the lungs are able to function to their full capacity, one would easily notice the renewed positive energy flow in the body.

- Ether: It refers to vacuum. In this case, students are made to fast for different time frames under the guidance of the instructor. Fasting is one of the most ancient natural healing technique followed in India that allows the body to detoxify by itself.

About Alakh Yoga
Alakh Yoga has two schools, one in Goa and other in Rishikesh. After years of meditating and guiding people towards Nature Cure, the teachers at Alakh yoga School, designed this unique detox retreat to help people in restoring the body's harmony. The retreats is a 2 week all inclusive program that also includes daily yoga and meditation classes. Both the yoga schools in India serve purely organic food which is prepared on the principles of Ayurveda. One can opt for either a private or a shared accommodation. For students who want to go deeper and also looking to combine it with yoga practice are invited to participate in the yoga teacher trainings in Rishikesh.

This yoga detox retreat in India is suitable for anyone who is looking to learn basic naturopathy detoxification techniques, which can be practice at home. Even though there is no set formula or approach in naturopathy but these basic techniques would help everyone in attaining a basic understanding on Naturopathy. The retreat is, however, not recommended for participants who are looking for treatments. The retreat will benefit anyone who is ready to follow a strict diet plan and willing to try alternative natural healing techniques to avoid regular medicines. To know more, one can check their website.