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Alarmshock Is the World's First "Get Up System" That Electric Shocks Sleepers when They Snooze for Too Long


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/18/2016 --Alarmshock, the revolutionary new "Get Up System" that shocks sleepers when they snooze for too long, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Alarmshock was designed to ensure users never miss an important meeting, appointment, or moment in life to accomplish something great. Alarmshock gradually encourages users to develop healthy and positive beginnings towards more productive days.

Alarmshock users wear a wristband which gently alerts users to wake up and that can only be unlocked by connecting it to the docking station. Before sleeping, users set a time to wake up on the docking station which is typically stationed in another room to ensure the wearer has to get up and physically moving to unlock the wristband. If they fail to do so within a 2 minute allowance, the wristband will emit a shock which will gradually increase in power and frequency until the band is released.

Alarmshock takes the emotions out of getting up. TheĀ logical thinking completely takes over causing them to be more concerned about getting to the docking station than anything else, resulting in the user getting up at exactly the time they needed while avoiding the stressful morning battles.

"It made me sad when I realized how much of my life I was wasting on sleep I didn't need. I made the connection between being able to get up for work at the last minute, but never on the time I originally set my alarmā€¦ ," says founder and inventor Callum Reece on the inspiration behind the project. "It was fear of the negative consequences I would receive for being late for work that motivated me out of bed. I knew if I could create a more immediate consequence for not getting up, my morning wouldn't be a mad rush. Only then will I have solved this problem."

For years, inventors and businesses have been coming up with different ways to wake people up. But that's all these new alarms do, is wake the user up. Alarmshock completely disrupts these products with a true innovation that begins to help users become more productive in their lives. By getting up at the same time every day, people can train themselves with a reliable sleep pattern that over time makes it easier and easier to get up.

"Here at Alarmshock we realized the difference between waking up and getting up," adds Reece. "An alert will wake you, but the reason you need to be up (work, shower, university, flight, meeting) is what gets you up and they all have different levels of importance. We think an electric shock is a pretty important reason to get up so We don't just wake you up we Get you up."

The Alarmshock is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

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Time is our most precious currency. if a person was to set there Alarmshock an hour early to exercise, be creative or prepare for something great. Over fifty years that all adds up to well over a year in time. Who knows what potential Alarmshock can take back from the snooze button.

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