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Alaska Eye Care Center Provides Convergence Training Tips

Peters Creek Vision Center treats and teaches convergence insufficiency patients with home care tips and training exercises


Chugiak, AK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2014 --Peters Creek Vision Center of Chugiak, Alaska treats patients who’ve been diagnosed with Convergence Insufficiency disorder and provides a simple guide for at-home training exercised that can help combat the symptoms and correct vision. Convergence Insufficiency refers to a disorder that results in the eye muscles fighting against each other when one tries to focus on one point or object, which is called convergence. Convergence allows the eyes to focus on text in a book, for example. The only known remedy for this condition is an actual physical exercise that helps retrain the eye muscles to work in concert with each together, improving convergence and allowing the eyes to focus on close, specific objects. Peters Creek Vision Center has provided the following breakdown of the exercise for patients to use at home.

First, take up a pen or pencil and hold it between the pinky and ring finger of one hand so that it sticks up parallel from between the two fingers. To prepare the eye muscles for this exercise, take a few deep breaths and get the oxygen flowing to the muscular structures. Extend the thumb of the hand holding the pen so that the tip rests on the chin and the pen is held vertically a few inches from the eyes. After another deep breath, focus both eyes on the tip of the pen, fixing the eyes on the tip for a full two seconds. Then release the focus, take another breath and look into the neutral distance. Continue to breathe. If a cramping feeling develops around the eyes, squeeze the eyes closed and press gently on the lids. Repeat this exercise for at least 15 minutes, or up to 30 depending on level of fatigue, daily for 8 weeks.

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