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Alaska's Trusted Dental Now Offering Same-Day Crowns for Anchorage Patients

Anchorage dental office provides same-day crowns for patients using latest dental technology


Anchorage, AK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/12/2016 --The dental professionals at Alaska's Trusted Dental are happy to introduce some of the latest, most advanced dental technology to their Midtown location that is allowing local patients to receive same-day crowns and restorations for their smiles. Using advanced CAD/CAM technology, the dentists are able to design, fabricate, and place crowns for patients all within one visit.

Prior to the availability of this advanced technology, the process for receiving a crown required at least two visits by the patient. During the first visit, the patient's tooth would be measured and have impressions taken of it that would be used by an external lab to fabricate the new crown. During this visit, the patient's tooth would also be prepared and fitted with a temporary crown that they would wear while waiting for the permanent crown to be fabricated. During the second visit one to two weeks later, patients would receive the permanent crown and undergo a final fitting and measurement. In some cases a third appointment may be needed if any adjustments to the crown were required.

With the same-day crown technology now offered at Alaska's Trusted Dental, patients can enjoy just one simple visit to the dentist, dramatically increasing the convenience factor and the time involved to get the necessary restoration for their smile. With this CAD/CAM technology, the dentists can use digital technology to measure the patient's tooth and create a digital design for their new restorative crown. While the in-office milling machine is fabricating the crown, the patient's tooth is prepped and made ready to have the new crown placed permanently as soon as the chairside milling machine is completed with the process. The entire process takes just a few hours from start to finish and does not require any additional visits.

The same-day crowns offered by Alaska's Trusted Dental are made of extremely strong material and are designed to provide years of use for the patients. They are also tooth-colored, do not involve any metallic materials, and are extremely natural looking.

In addition to offering same-day crowns, the dental professionals and staff at Alaska's Trusted Dental offer a variety of other general and cosmetic dental services to help patients achieve their best and healthiest smiles. Some of these services include standard cleanings, exams, fillings, dental implants, veneers, teeth whitening, root canal therapy, cosmetic contouring, Invisalign, sealants, and more.

About Alaska's Trusted Dental
Alaska's Trusted Dental operates two dental offices in the Anchorage area in both Midtown and South Anchorage to provide patients with convenient access to some of the best dental care in the area. Dr. Max Swenson, Dr. Robert Morehead, and Dr. Frank Cavaness are all highly experienced dental professionals who provide care for local patients along with a qualified staff of dental hygienists, assistants, and office staff.

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