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Alaska's Trusted Dental Offers Professional Teeth Whitening Services for Anchorage Patients Seeking Brighter Smiles

Anchorage dental office offers industry’s highest quality teeth whitening services for dramatic smile improvements


Anchorage, AK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/29/2016 --Dental patients in the Anchorage area who have healthy teeth but are still dissatisfied with the dull, discolored look of their smile can take advantage of some of the industry's best teeth whitening services that are offered at Alaska's Trusted Dental. By offering both in-office and take-home whitening solutions, the dental professionals and staff at Alaska's Trusted Dental are able to help give patients the bright, gleaming smiles they've always wanted.

Teeth staining and discoloration is a common occurrence that occurs with nearly every smile as the patient ages. Staining, yellowing, or discoloration can be amplified if the patient regularly drinks dark beverages like tea, coffee, juice, or soda. Smoking can also lead to stained and discolored teeth. While discolored teeth can still be healthy, this process can unnecessarily add years on to the appearance of the patient.

Throughout the past decade, over the counter teeth whitening products have become extremely popular, however, these products are typically expensive and provide minimal results that are not lasting. These various whitening pastes, creams, strips, and rinses may provide a few shades of improvement in patient's smiles, but can also lead to extreme tooth sensitivity and discoloration that returns just a few months later. With the professional, high-concentration teeth whitening services offered by Alaska's Trusted Dental, patients can enjoy lasting results for up to one year along with generally less tooth sensitivity in the process.

The in-office whitening service at Alaska's Trusted Dental involves applying a highly concentrated peroxide bleaching gel to the teeth using trays and leaving this treatment on the teeth for about an hour during the visit. Once the gel is removed, patients often see up to ten shades of improvement in their smiles. This treatment is entirely painless and patients can even complete it during their lunch break. These dramatic, immediate results can last for up to one year.

Alaska's Trusted Dental also offers a take-home whitening solution for patients that involves custom plastic mouth trays and highly concentrated peroxide gel that cannot be purchased over-the-counter. Patients can use this kit initially to produce noticeably whiter teeth as well as a touch-up and maintenance solution after receiving in-office whitening treatment.

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